The official Twitter Japan blog recently published the top 10 hashtags of the year and other various popular terms.

Before the top tens, here’s the top one mascot character:


Most popular hashtags of the year

Rank Tag Meaning
1 #艦これ kankore is the abbreviation for Kantai Collection, an amine series featuring (I believe) schoolgirls who dress up as battleships; probably some of the popularity comes off last year’s similarly-themed series on a girls’ school that races tanks.
2 #あまちゃん “Ama-chan” is a popular live-action drama series.
3 #lovelive Love Live, subtitled “School Idol Project”, appears to be another schoolgirl-themed anime.
4 #wbc World Baseball Classic is baseball’s World Cup
5 #shingeki Known in English as “Attack on Titan”, this is another anime, although this time with big swords.
6 #ff14 Final Fantasy 14, a computer game.
7 #tv_free Another animation series, this time called just “Free”.
8 #railgun “A Certain Magical Railgun” is yet another animation series, this time with scientific wizardry as the theme, it seems.
9 #vividred “Vividred Operation” is, yes, yet another animation, and from a quick search it seems to fall well into appealing to the kiddie-fiddler demographic.
10 #c84 This appears to be an abbreviation for the 2013 Summer Comic Market, the 84th time it has been held.

Most often mentioned television dramas

Rank Drama Translation/transliteration
1 あまちゃん Ama-chan
2 半沢直樹 Hanzawa Naoki
3 リーガルハイ Legal High
4 家族ゲーム Kazoku Game
5 ガリレオ Galileo
6 ラスト・シンデレラ Last Cinderella
7 八重の桜 Yae no Sakura
8 孤独のグルメ Kodoku no Gurume
9 ごちそうさん Gochisousan
10 夜行観覧車 Yakoukanransha

Most often mentioned sports

Rank Sport
1 Baseball
2 Football (soccer)
3 Tennis
4 Horse racing
5 Olympics
6 Gymnastics
7 Golf
8 Marathon
9 Football World Cup
10 Sumo

Most often mentioned technology-related keywords

Rank Keyword
2 Facebook
3 Google
4 Electronic books
5 Kindle
6 iPhone5
7 Apple
8 Xperia
9 PS4
10 Wii U

Most often mentioned yuru-character, mascot character

Rank Character
1 Funassi
2 Sanomaru
3 Kumamon
4 Hachimaru
5 Barii-san
6 Shippei
7 Fukka-chan
8 Hikonyan
9 Chiiba-kun
10 Yanana


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