Tablets surprisingly unpopular for communication


Well, these figures from goo Research, reported on by were surprising to me at least, in this the third regular look at text communication.


Between the 5th and 7th of November 2013 1,079 members of the goo Research online monitor group completed a private mobile phone and smartphone-based questionnaire. 57.7% of the sample were female (note, this figure is higher than usual due to this being a mobile survey verses the computer-based surveys that bias towards men), 2.3% were in their teens, 20.9% in their twenties, 35.2% in their thirties, 29.6% in their forties, and 12.0% aged fifty or older.

Research results

First, people were asked which kinds of electronic text communication they used. Top was 89.5% who used their mobile phone’s carrier email, 53.5% used web mail, 51.8% SMS, 39.2% message functions in voice-capable app (Skype, LINE, etc), 37.7% SNS messaging function and so on.

The 39.2% (423 people) who used message functions in voice-capable apps were asked the following:

Q1: On which devices do you use message functions in voice-capable apps? (Sample size=423, multiple answer)

Feature phone12.5%

The 37.7% (407 people) who used SNS messaging function were asked the following:

Q2: On which devices do you use SNS messaging function? (Sample size=407, multiple answer)

Feature phone24.3%
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