95% of online Japanese know about flame wars


Where did you first come to learn about flame wars? graph of japanese statisticsMobile Marketing Data Laboratories recently conducted a survey into internet troubles.


Between the 24th and 26th of September 2013 1,118 members of the MMD Labo monitor group completed a private internet questionnaire. The sample was of both sexes and ages ranged from 20 to 59, but no further details were given.

I think I’ve had most of the problems listed in Q2SQ1! One other one I had was that I wanted to cancel a web hosting service, but in order to do that you had to send a letter (Fax would not do!) at least a set number of days before a billing cycle. I’d tried to get in touch with customer service to sort out a few matters, but as the date rolled round I just cancelled my credit card payment. They sent me payment reminders for about six months, but I just ignored them all and they eventually gave up. I had paid for all the services I used, and they had tried to charge me an extra month or two for services I couldn’t use because they had suspended my account.

Research results

Q1: How safely do you think you can use the internet? (Sample size=1,118)

Know how to use safely36.3%
Know to some degree how to use safely49.9%
Don’t really know how to use safely12.3%
Don’t know at all how to use safely1.5%

Q2: Have you ever had problems using the internet? (Sample size=1,118)

Yes (to SQs)37.9%

Q2SQ1: What kinds of problems have you had using the internet? (Sample size=424, multiple answer)

Forgot my user name, password and couldn’t use a service37.7%
Got loads of spam35.1%
Got addicted and wasted lots of time on the internet18.4%
Got a computer virus13.9%
Got slandered on the internet12.7%
My personal information leaked12.3%
Got registered for a site I didn’t know12.0%
Paid for services, goods but never received them11.3%
Got a bill for services I didn’t remember using9.2%
My ID, password got stolen and I could no longer use a service6.6%
People close to me found out about a hobby, other information I didn’t want them to see6.1%
Got defrauded at an auction5.2%

Q2SQ2: On what kinds of sites did you have problems? (Sample size=424, multiple answer)

SNS site22.6%
Portal site19.8%
Video sharing site19.1%
Electronic commerce site15.6%
Auction site15.3%
Search site15.1%
Bulletin board site13.0%
Blog site8.5%
Free web page site7.3%
Travel site6.4%
Online banking site5.9%
News site5.4%
Word of mouth site5.0%
Online share-dealing site4.2%
Online dictionary site2.1%
Other site12.3%

Q3: Where did you first come to learn about flame wars? (Sample size=1,118)

Don’t know what a flame war is4.6%
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