With today being Health and Sports Day in Japan, many schools will be holding their Autumn sports festival and, as this goo Ranking survey tries to find out, there will no doubt be displays of over-enthusiasm by parents there.


Between the 6th and 8th of August 2013 the survey was conducted, but goo Ranking have still not got round to adding the page that contains the further demographic information. Note that the score in the results refers to the relative number of votes for each option, not a percentage of the total sample.


Above is a parent and a grandparent doing number 4, I presume.

Ranking result

Q: What kinds of over-enthusiastic parent behaviour do you witness at school sports day? (Sample size=a little over 1,000)

Rank   Score
1 Shouting “That’s my kid in the lead there!” to show off to the people around 100
2 Due to a lack of exercise, overdoing it and pulling a muscle during the parents’ event 90.4
3 After their kid scores a goal, hugging the kid and bursting into tears 86.6
4 Getting to the sports ground before the break of day to book a good seat by the trackside 85.4
5 Dressing up in fancy dress to stand out 81.1
6 Engrossed in photographing, videoing their kid, going too close to them and getting in the way of the event 79.3
7 Ignorant of getting in the way of others, being a second for their kid 75.4
8 Calling for reviewing photographic evidence when their kid loses a race by a whisker 73.8
9= Taking a spectacular tumble while competing in the parents’ event 66.3
9= Forcing everyone around them to join in shouting for their kid 66.3
11 Clad head-to-toe in their favourite baseball team’s goods, leading the baseball chants for their kid 52.4
12 Bringing a lunch box of epic gorgeousness 45.6
13 High-fiving strangers when their kid puts one in the back of the net 41.2
14 Forgetting about the camera around their necks, taking part in the parents’ obstacle race and breaking it 30.3
15 Getting far too excited supporting their kid such that all their photos and videos come out blurred 29.4


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