japan.internet.com recently published a report on a goo Research survey into IT device security, their fourth regular survey into this topic.


Between the 13th and 24th of September 2013 1,046 members of the goo Research online monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 53.5% of the sample were male, 13.5% in their teens, 15.4% in their twenties, 21.9% in their thirties, 16.9% in their forties, and 32.3% aged fifty or older.

I’m quite happy using the free Microsoft Security Essentials, myself. However, I’ve just moved to Linux, the Crunchbang distribution; in fact this is my very first survey typed through the Notepad-equivalent editor GEdit, to which I’ve added a self-written macro that builds the tables you see below. I might upload it to GitHub sometime soon…

Research results

Q1: Which of the following kinds of IT devices do you have? (Sample size=1,046, multiple answer)

Notebook, netbook, ultrabook, etc 75.1%
Desktop computer 50.2%
Smartphone 47.9%
Tablet 17.2%

Q2: On which of these devices do you use a paid-for security software package, service? (Sample size=459, 652, 80 and 290)

Desktop computer 55.1%
Notebook, netbook, ultrabook, etc 55.1%
Tablet 26.3%
Smartphone 25.9%


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