Single working women: one in three can live without love


Single working women, do you want to get married? graph of japanese statisticsThere’s been a lot of surveys over the past few years about single Japanese and their widespread disinterest in matters of love, so as another datapoint I present this survey from the Nikkei newspaper (Japan’s Financial Times) into single working women’s real love situation.


During the month of June 430 single female readers of the Nikkei newspaper aged in their twenties or thirties completed a private internet-based questionnaire. The average age was 32.9 years old, the average salary was 3,077,000 yen, and the average number of people they had had a relationship with was 3.6.

A colleague at work would fall into the sample demographic above (perhaps she even did answer it!) and the impression I get from what she talks about and her Facebook posts is that she’s far too into girls’ nights out to be bothered with all this love nonsense. On the other hand, Japanese seem to keep their relationships secret, so I can’t say I know what is really going on!

Research results

Q1: Do you currently have a boyfriend? (Sample size=430)

Have a crush on someone8.8%

Q2: Do you want to get married? (Sample size=430)

If possible, yes67.9%
Not bothered if I don’t20.7%
Not thinking about marriage at all11.4%

Q3: Do you go to gokon dating parties, other singles events? (Sample size=430)


Q4: Do you feel love is far away? (Sample size=430)


Q5: What are your views about love? (Sample size=430, multiple answer)

Can live without it33.5%
Can properly balance love and work24.0%
I’m putting all my energy into work, etc, so love is being neglected21.6%
I enjoy love like everyone else16.3%
I’m addicted to love13.7%
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