Pets and babies in Japan


After having your baby, did your feelings towards your pet change? graph of japanese statisticsPet Soken, a pet insurance arm of PETOFFICE, recently conducted a survey into pets and babies, in particular to see how parents allow them to interact.


Between the 5th of June and the 2nd of July 2013 730 people completed a survey available on Pet Soken’s pages and requiring a Facebook login to prevent multiple answers. 64.0% of the sample were female, but no further demographic data was offered.

Not having a baby, I cannot answer from experience, although I would probably go for the not paying much attention to cleanliness or anything else. On the other hand, my wife would probably tick every box in Q2!

Research results

Q1: When you (or your wife) were pregnant, did you pay more attention to cleanliness than usual when with your pet? (Sample size=730)

Very much so22.5%
Somewhat so33%
Not really so27.5%
Not at all so17%

Q2: When your baby and your pet are together, what do you pay attention to? (Sample size=730, multiple answer)

Try to avoid my baby touching pet food, pet toys, pet goods33346%
Try to keep my pet out of my baby’s sleeping room28539%
Try to avoid my pet touching my baby26636%
After my baby touches my pet, remove all stray hair and dirt23432%
Try to be fair to them both18025%
Set times for them to be together628%
Don’t really pay attention to anything10715%

Q3: After having your baby, did your feelings towards your pet change? (Sample size=730)

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