Why Japanese bought robot vacuums


Which model of robot cleaner did you buy? graph of japanese statisticsThis short survey from the curiously-named Seed Planning looked at robot vacuum cleaners.


At some point between February and July this year 400 purchasers of robot vacuum cleaners were selected and completed a survey. No further information was presented.

One reason that this survey is short is that it basically a teaser for a recently-released full market report into the robot cleaner business, but at 157,500 yen per copy, forgive me if I give it a miss this time around.

I perhaps want a robot cleaner, but I don’t think it would suit our house; both the sofa and main bed are just too close to the floor to squeeze a robot in.

Research results

Q1: Which model of robot cleaner did you buy? (Sample size=400)

Roomba (iRobot)76.5%
Tsukamoto Aim4.3%
Kokorobo (Sharp)3.5%

Q2: Why did you buy a robot cleaner? (Sample size=400, multiple answer)

Looked useful61%
Thought cleaning would become easier51%
Looked fun26%
Was interested in robots24%
Wanted to use cleaning time to do something else16%
Was reasonably-priced11%
Was an in-vogue new product11%
Was concerned about pet hair6%
Functionality had improved6%
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