Game app usage and in-game purchases in Japan


Have you ever bought in-game items for smartphone or tablet game apps? graph of japanese reported on an interesting survey from goo Research looking at smartphone and tablet game apps.


Between the 28th and 30th of May 2013 1,098 members of the goo Research online monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 54.0% of the sample were male, 13.4% in their teens, 15.4% in their twenties, 21.2% in their thirties, 17.3% in their forties, 14.8% in their fifties, and 17.9% aged sixty or older.

I have spent exactly zero yen on in-game purchases; the two games I play that have such features play perfectly well without any extra contributions.

Research results

Q1: Do you have a smartphone or tablet? (Sample size=1,098)

Yes (to SQ1)51.8%

Q1SQ1: Do you have any games apps installed on these devices? (Sample size=569)

Yes (to SQ2 and SQ3)71.2%

The gamers were asked what genres these game apps were from, and the top three were puzzles (52.1%), action (28.9%) and cards (23.0%).

Q1SQ2: About how long do you spend per day playing game apps? (Sample size=405)

Less than 10 minutes36.0%
10 to 30 minutes33.6%
30 minutes to 1 hour20.5%
1 to 3 hours7.7%
3 to 5 hours1.5%
5 to 10 hours0.5%
More than 10 hours0.2%

Q1SQ3: Have you ever bought in-game items in these game apps? (Sample size=405)

Yes (to SQ4)20.5%

Putting Q1+SQ1+SQ3 together we get:

Q1+SQ1+SQ3: Have you ever bought in-game items for smartphone or tablet game apps? (Sample size=1,098)

Don’t have games installed14.9%
Don’t have smartphone or tablet48.2%

Q1SQ4: In total, about how much have you spent on in-game items? (Sample size=83)

Under 500 yen25.3%
500 to 999 yen19.3%
1,000 to 2,999 yen21.7%
3,000 to 4,999 yen12.0%
5,000 to 9,999 yen0.0%
10,000 to 29,999 yen7.2%
30,000 to 49,999 yen8.4%
50,000 to 99,999 yen1.2%
100,000 yen or more4.8%
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