Do you like the rainy season? graph of japanese statisticsDo House – slogan: Human Networking Industry – recently released a report on the fifth of Japan’s Four Seasons, the Rainy Season, and found, not suprisingly, that it does not have many fans.


Over the 22nd and 23rd of April 2013 1,199 members of the; aged between 25 and 69 completed a private web-based questionnaire. No further demographic breakdown was presented.

Rainy season often causes mirth amongst foreigners as the Japanese are proud of their Four Seasons, yet rainy season is a very distinct period from June to mid-July (this year it started a bit early, and here in Osaka it might be officially declared tomorrow). However, the Japanese for rainy season, 梅雨, tsuyu does not include the word season – literally it is Plum Rain, apparently because it coincides with the plum ripening time. I do note, though, that Q1 here translates as “Do you like the Plum Rain Season?”

Research results

Q1: Do you like the rainy season? (Sample size=1,199)

Like it 3.8%
Dislike it 83.6%
Can’t say either way 12.6%

Q2: What bothers you the most during rainy season? (Sample size=1,199)

Feeling uncomfortable in the humid weather 33.8%
Difficult to dry washing 15.4%
Difficult to do outdoor activities 9.3%
Have to carry rain gear with me 9.1%
Need lots of maintainance to control condensation, mold, etc 7.2%
Can’t hang washing outside 7.1%
Have to take care of food poisoning, etc when preparing food 4.7%
Get tired, listless 3.3%
Make-up runs, hair set fades easily 3.3%
Symptoms of ill-health occur 1.7%
Difficult to sleep, suffer from insomnia, etc 1.1%
Other 2.4%
Nothing in particular 1.8%

Q3: How do you cheer yourself up during the rainy season? (Sample size=1,199, multiple answer)

Relax at a hot springs 35.5%
Drink coffee, tea, herb tea, etc 32.2%
Drink alcohol 18.4%
Do exercise 8.8%
Go out to eat 8.3%
Stretch, do yoga, etc 7.9%
Go to a spa, super-spa, massage parlour 7.4%
Make some chilled food 3.3%
Other 2.3%
Don’t have any way to cheer myself up 30.7%


Steven · May 28, 2013 at 08:47

I’m curious why the 4% “like it” people actually like the rainy season.

For me, my allergies go bananas, as if the extremely humid weather wasn’t enough on its own. I can’t think of many ways to escape it. Going to an onsen would be the LAST thing on my list of things to do during the rainy season. I can’t imagine it’d be relaxing.

Paulo · June 8, 2013 at 21:00

Who does like rainy days? xD Everyone hates it I guess to some sort, at least Japan wont easily get flooded, unlike here in our place… 30mins of heavy rain will flood the cityyyy!

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