Which do you find most difficult when applying make-up? graph of japanese statisticsThe cosmetics seller and make-up training school, naturaglacè, catchphrase “Dolce make-up by nature’s way”, recently conducted its own survey into one’s own make-up.


Between the 26th of February and the 4th of March 2013 1,505 women completed a web-based questionnaire. Details on how the sample was gathered, or more detailed demographics was not presented.

Not being in the habit of wearing make-up, I cannot really comment too much on this poll, although I will note that from the women in Q5A, Haruka Ayase, Koyuki and Kaori Momoi have appeared together in an advert for SK-II skin care cosmetics.

Research results

Q1: Do you have confidence in your own make-up? (Sample size=1,505)

Yes 16%
No 62%
Don’t know 22%

Q2: What part do you find most difficult when doing your own make-up? (Sample size=1,505)

Eyebrows 40%
Eyeliner 26%
Eyeshadow 12%
Eyelashes 9%
Lips 7%
Cheeks 5%
Other 1%

Q3: Do you like wearing make-up? (Sample size=1,505)

Yes 88%
No 6%
Don’t know 6%

Q4: When doing your own make-up, do you refer to beauty magazines? (Sample size=1,505)

Yes 70%
No 26%
Don’t know 4%

Q5A: Which famous woman has a beautiful complexion? (Sample size=1,505, top 10 answers)

1 Haruka Ayase
2 Koyuki
3 Miho Kanno
4 Yukie Nakama
5 Satomi Ishihara
6 Nanako Matsushima
7 Yuko Takeuchi
8 Aoi Miyazaki
9 Kaori Momoi
10 Ayame Goriki

Q5B: Which famous man has a beautiful complexion? (Sample size=1,505, top 10 answers)

1 Osamu Mukai
2 Masaki Okada
3 Gackt
4 Takeru Sato
5 Toma Ikuta
6 Masaharu Fukuyama
7 Teppei Koike
8 Haruma Miura
9 Tomohisa Yamashita
10= Sho Sakurai
10= Hideaki Takizawa
10= Takanori Nishikawa

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Daniel · May 21, 2013 at 13:18

I wonder if guys over there prefer little to no make up like western guys or they prefer their girls to wear make up? I know guys in my country prefer the natural look cause there’s nothing being hidden so you don’t have to worry about your girlfriend scaring you if there’s something she didn’t tell you about that she was hiding.

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