Do you currently use a commercial deodoriser? graph of japanese statisticsIt’s been quite a while since the last time I translated a DIMSDRIVE survey, so I’m quite happy to present this one from them on deodorising sprays, which you should note excludes personal hygene-related products!


Between the 9th and 15th of April 2013 7,089 members of the DIMSDRIVE monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 58.4% of the sample were male, 0.4% in their teens, 4.4% in their twenties, 18.6% in their thirties, 30.6% in their forties, 25.7% in their fifties, and 20.3% aged sixty or older.

My wife uses a lot of them every day! When we hang our quilts out to air, we use one which is supposed to prevent pollen sticking to the covers, so I suppose that’s OK, but just about every fabric surface in the house also gets sprayed with various potions that don’t seem to do much except make the floor a little sticky! It also seems a cop-out on the housework; shall I do some detailed cleaning, or shall I just squirt something over everything that doesn’t move?

Research results

Q1: What household smells are you concerned about? (Sample size=7,089, multiple answer)

Toilet smells 36.1%
Drain smells 31.5%
Rubbish smells 31.1%
Sweat, body odour 27.8%
Fried food and other post-cooking smells 27.3%
Washing, clothes smells (including drying smells) 22.2%
Shoe smells 21.7%
Tobacco smells 19.1%
Mold, etc smells 18.3%
Pet smells 12.6%
Vehicle smells 9.8%
Other 1.0%
Not concerned about any household smells 21.0%

Q2: Do you currently use a commercial deodoriser (excluding body use items) at home? (Sample size=7,089)

Yes (to SQ1) 62.0%
No (to SQ9) 34.3%
Don’t know 3.7%

Q2SQ1: What kinds of deodorisers do you use? (Sample size=4,399, multiple answer)

Toilet use 72.2%
Room use 65.7%
Clothes, fabric use 44.3%
Refrigerator use 23.6
Rubbish, drain use 14.5%
Pet use 8.3%
Bath use 2.9%
Other 1.4%
Don’t know 0.7%

Q2SQ2: What style of deodoriser delivery mechanisms do you use? (Sample size=4,399, multiple answer)

Mist spray 68.2%
Counter-top 40.5%
Hanging (in closet, etc) 14.7%
Spray can 10.2%
Other 0.4%
Don’t know 2.8%

Q2SQ3: How often do you use these sprays? (Sample size=1,714, clothes, fabric use mist spray users)

Every day 15.5%
Five or six times a week 7.0%
Three or four times a week 17.6%
Once or twice a week 31.9%
Twice or thrice a month 14.5%
Once a month 4.4%
Less than once a month 6.1%
Don’t know 3.0%

Q2SQ4: What scents are the sprays you are currently using? (Sample size=1,714, clothes, fabric use mist spray users, multiple answer)

Unscented 28.9%
Floral (other than lavender, rose) 19.5%
Greenery, forest 17.7%
Green tea 17.0%
Citrus 12.9%
Soap 12.7%
Rose 12.2%
Lavender 10.2%
Herb 6.2%
Mint 6.2%
Non-citrus fruit 3.2%
Tropical 2.6%
Other 1.2%
Don’t know 5.6%

Q2SQ5: What kinds of items do you use these sprays on? (Sample size=1,714, clothes, fabric use mist spray users, multiple answer)

Clothes (other than suits, just dried clothes) 48.8%
Suits, uniforms 43.9%
Carpets, rugs 43.3%
Bed, pillows 41.8%
Curtains 40.7%
Sofa, cushions 40.0%
Bags, shoes, hats, etc 20.9%
Just dried clothes 15.9%
Vehicles 13.1%
Kotatsu (hot table) 12.3%
Pet items 5.4%
Baby items 0.8%
Other 1.2%
Don’t know 0.3%

Q2SQ6: Where do you buy these sprays? (Sample size=1,714, clothes, fabric use mist spray users, multiple answer)

Drug store 77.2%
Supermarket 33.0%
Home centre 24.9%
Discount store 15.5%
100 yen shop 3.7%
Mail-order 1.5%
Convenience store 0.9%
Other 0.3%
Don’t remember 0.2%
Don’t buy them myself 1.9%

Q2SQ7: What brand do you use the most? (Sample size=1,714, clothes, fabric use mist spray users)

Febreeze (P&G) 57.5%
Resesh (Kao) 28.5%
Flair Fragrance Clothes Refresh Mist (Kao) 4.8%
Look Kirei no Mist Bedding Use (Lion) 1.1%
Style Care Clothes Mist (Kao) 1.0%
Unscented Air and Cloth Deodorant Mist (Kobayashi Seiyaku) 0.9%
Room Deodorant Power Scented Shower (Este) 0.8%
Clothes Style Guard (Lion) 0.5%
Fansu (Daiichi Sekken) 0.1%
Clothes Kirei Kirei (Lion) 0.1%
Naturease (Kobayashi Seiyaku) 0.1%
Air Deodorant Ion Mist (Okamoto Sangyou) 0.1%
Habinasu Deodorant Mist (Vision) 0.1%
Aller-jet (Fumikilla) 0.0%
Etiquette and Travel Clothes Deodorant Spray (Koji Honpo) 0.0%
Gatsby Wear Deodorant Spray (Mandom) 0.0%
Other 1.8%
Don’t know 2.5%

Q2SQ8: What are the important points regarding clothes and fabric deodorant sprays? (Sample size=1,714, clothes, fabric use mist spray users, multiple answer)

Strong deodoring power 55.7%
Kind of scent 53.2%
Price 45.6%
Has refill packs 28.8%
Has anti-bacterial effect 26.4%
No, little effect on people 22.1%
Doesn’t discolour items easily 21.5%
Easy to use, easy to grip 20.3%
Active ingredients like green tea extract, silver ions, etc 20.0%
Unscented 19.2%
Strong, weak scent 18.8%
Capacity of spray 18.4%
Long-lasting scent 16.0%
Maker, brand 15.6%
Fineness of mist 13.5%
Quick-drying 9.2%
Number of sprays per bottle 7.9%
Bottle design 4.8%
Can use as hayfever countermeasure 4.4%
Bottle shape 4.3%
Other 0.1%
Nothing in particular 1.3%

This final question was for those who do not use deodorants.

Q2SQ9: Why do you not use deodorants? (Sample size=2,431, those who don’t use deodorant, multiple answer)

Not necessary to use 21.1%
Expensive 17.7%
Don’t like the smell 17.4%
Deodorant effect is (seems) poor 15.5%
No products I might want to buy 10.5%
Not good for humans, pets 9.7%
Difficult to use 4.2%
Discolours items 3.2%
Use something other than commercial products 2.1%
Might leave a smell of gas, etc 1.8%
Not sold in the shops I frequent 0.5%
Other 2.6%
No particular reason 31.4%

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