How often do you watch video on your mobile phone, smartphone? graph of japanese statisticsA recent survey from goo Research, reported on by, was the seventh regular video usage survey.


Between the 17th and 19th of April 2013 1,079 momembers of the goo Research online monitor group completed a private mobile phone and smartphone-based questionnaire. 57.7% of the sample were female, 3.2% in their teens, 20.3% in their twenties, 37.1% in their thirties, 26.5% in their forties, and 12.9% aged fifty or older.

I watch mobile video occasionally, mostly streaming cat videos from YouTube…

Research results

Q1: How often do you watch video on your mobile phone, smartphone? (Sample size=1,079)

Often (to SQ1) 14.5%
Occasionally (to SQ1) 44.4%
Just once or twice (to SQ1) 27.1%
Never 12.0%
Cannot watch video on mobile phone 2.0%

Q1SQ: What kinds of video do you watch video on your mobile phone, smartphone? (Sample size=927, multiple answer)

Mobile phone streaming 63.3%
Playback of video shot on own phone 33.4%
Mobile phone download 33.0%
Playback of video emailed by friend 11.7%
Video transferred from PC 8.3%
Other 3.3%

Since the first time the survey was conducted in September 2011, the percentage of video watchers has increased steadily. Looking at individual trends, the streaming percentage has remained roughly constant, but the other major categories, playback of own video, of downloaded video, and of emailed video have all been on a downward trend.


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