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Do you believe in love charms? graph of japanese statisticsPR Times printed a press release from Kanro, a sweets maker, who conducted a survey into love charms, as part of a promotion of a new product they have, “Magical Pure”, a pureed gummy (Jelly Baby) type of thing, with a special promotional site featuring Perfume that quite badly killed my browser!


Over the 25th and 26th of April 2013 242 young women aged between 20 and 39 completed an internet survey, but how they were selected is not described.

Being far too rational, I have zero belief in any of this nonsense, and not even when I was a teenager did I indulge, although admittedly it was probably because I wasn’t really interested in all that sort of thing while I was at school.

Anyway, enough about me, on with the survey!

Research results

Q1: Do you believe in love charms? (Sample size=242)

Very much so3.7%
To some extent49.2%
Not at all47.1%

Q2: Have you ever tried a love charm to bring a romance to fruition? (Sample size=242)

Yes (to SQs)53.3%

Q2SQ1: When have you tried a love charm? (Sample size=129, multiple answer)

When I had a crush on someone90.7%
When I wanted to rekindle the romance9.3%
Before declaring my love8.5%
When we broke up7.8%
When I got weary of the relationship, married life3.9%

Q2SQ2: Was your love charm effective? (Sample size=129)

Very much so3.1%
To some degree20.2%
Just a little21.7%
Not at all55.0%

When asked what kind of result they had, some of the answers were that a one-way crush since primary school became mutual in middle school, soon after casting the charm he declared his love and after praying at a shrine famous for bringing romance found a guy and married him.

Q2SQ3: What kind of love charms have you used? (Sample size=129, multiple answer)

Wrote the name of the guy I fancied47.3%
Bought a temple lucky charm37.2%
Made a misanga31.0%
Searched for a four-leaf clover29.7%
Made a wish upon a shooting star27.1%
Did flower fortune-telling22.5%
Wrote the initials of the guy I fancied20.9%
Drew a love-love umbrella20.9%
Recited a love spell20.2%
Trod on the shadow of the guy I fancied15.5%

Q3: What kinds of love charms would you like to try? (Sample size=242, multiple answer)

Attach something to my body (ring on left pinky finger, misanga, etc)30.6%
Go to a Power Spot24.8%
Wish upon a shooting star10.7%
Search for a four-leaf clover9.1%
Buy a temple lucky charm8.3%
Make a wish to the moon7.0%
Make a misanga6.2%
Recite a love spell5.0%
Say the name of the guy I fancy4.5%
Carry an item that matches something the guy I fancy has4.5%
Wake up early4.5%
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  1. Paul said,
    May 17, 2013 @ 06:28

    “Trod on the shadow of the guy I fancied” — Good one! But, I believe this is commonly called ‘stalking’.

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