What cat and dog owners did in Golden Week


Have you ever used a pet hotel? graph of japanese statisticsPet and Family, an insurance company who bill themselves as being “low cost and short term”, took a look at pet owners’ plans for Golden Week. Golden Week is just ending as I type this; the 29th of April and the 3rd, 4th and 5th are public holidays in Japan, and many employers (including mine) make the intervening days holidays too, and this week-long holiday period is known as Golden Week.


Between the 12th and 14th of April 2013 1,667 pet (presumably cat and dog only) owners from all over the country aged between 20 and 79 completed “internet research”. The means by which the sample were chosen, etc, is not disclosed. 68.0% of the sample were male, but no further demographic information was given.

Note further that it does not say if any people had both cats and dogs. or two sizes of dogs, etc, or if they had, how they should answer Q1 and others.

I’d like to see more detailed breakdown of the figures; how many people who went on overnight trips left their pets (specifically cats) home alone? When I was single, I left my cat at home for a maximum of three nights, although that was the exception rather than the rule, as I usually took him to a cattery. However, in Japan there are few catteries, so if we go away we have to put our cats in with the vets, and they just have a large-sized box to stay in.

I didn’t do anything this Golden Week bar one trip to the theatre (I slept through much of the first act!) and one trip to see the in-laws.

Research results

Q1: What kind of pet do you have? (Sample size=1,667)

Small dog (under 10 kg)44.5%
Medium dog (10 to 25 kg)17.0%
Large dog (over 25 kg)4.7%

Q2: What is your budget for Golden Week? (Sample size=1,667)

 Dog ownersCat ownersAverage
All GW budget36,488 yen35,037 yen36,043
Pet-related budget8,294 yen4,532 yen7,158 yen
Pet hotel budget12,220 yen11,389 yen12,072 yen

Note that the pet hotel budget is for the 13.1% intending getting their pet looked after.

Q3: How has your budget for Golden Week changed since last year? (Sample size=1,667)

 Dog ownersCat ownersTotal
Not changed60.1%62.0%60.7%
Don’t know5.6%3.8%5.0%

Q4: How has your pet-related budget for Golden Week changed since last year? (Sample size=1,667)

 Dog ownersCat ownersTotal
Not changed68.6%78.6%71.7%
Don’t know6.7%6.0%6.5%

Q5: Do you plan to go out during Golden Week? (Sample size=1,667)

 Dog ownersCat ownersTotal
Plan a hotel stay12.2%12.4%12.3%
Plan a day trip6.0%4.4%5.5%
Plan to go out other than on a trip4.6%3.9%4.4%
Would like to go out26.0%20.7%24.2%
Won’t go out35.4%41.1%37.3%
Don’t know15.8%17.4%16.3%

Q6: Will you take your pet with you when you go out during Golden Week? (Sample size=those planning a trip)

 Dog ownersCat ownersTotal
Will go together43.2%7.7%32.5%
Will put in pet hotel16.3%5.6%13.1%
Will get relative, friends to look after them8.3%7.7%8.2%
Will leave at home26.3%74.8%41.0%
Don’t know5.8%4.3%5.3%

Q7: What is the furthest you plan to go when you go out during Golden Week? (Sample size=those planning a trip)

 Dog ownersCat ownersTotal
Same city4.5%4.3%4.4%
Same prefecture27.1%23.9%26.1%
Othe prefecture61.8%66.7%63.3%

Q8: Have you ever stayed with your pet at a lodging? (Sample size=1,667)

No, but would like to20.7%

Q9: Have you ever used a pet hotel? (Sample size=1,667)

No, but would like to14.5%

Q10: Where do you plan to go to, would like to go to when you go out during Golden Week? (Sample size=those planning or wanting to go out, multiple answer)

 Dog ownersCat owners
Public park34.1%19.2%
Shopping centre25.8%30.8%
Dog run19.5%0.9%
Mountains, seaside46.0%39.7%
Pet cafe9.8%1.3%
Relative’s, friend’s house23.0%26.1%
Don’t know10.0%7.3%
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  1. Steven said,
    May 8, 2013 @ 12:04

    When I read “cat” and “dog” hotel, I immediately thought of the places where people specifically go WITH their pets to have a vacation.

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