Do you know about Fairtrade? graph of japanese statisticsgoo Research conducted a detailed survey into Fairtrade products. For reference, similar questions were asked by goo Research two and a half years ago.


Between the 28th and 31st of January 2013 2,350 members of the goo Research online monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. The sample was exactly 50:50 male and female, and similarly the age groups were evenly split with 20.0% in each of the age bands from twenties to the over-sixties.

I’d like to buy more Fairtrade, but there is a definite lack of shops here selling it. The obvious product is coffee, but although I don’t drink it at home, if there is a choice when I go to a coffee shop I will take the Fairtrade one, although again it is very rare to find such a cafe.

Research results

Q1: Do you know about Fairtrade? (Sample size=2,350)

  Know in detail
(to SQ1)
Heard the name Don’t know it
17.1% 26.7% 56.2%
14.4% 25.1% 60.5%
19.8% 28.3% 51.9%

Q1SQ1: Have you ever bought Fairtrade products? (Sample size=402)

  Have bought
(to SQ2, SQ3, SQ4)
Haven’t bought
(to SQ5)
57.2% 42.8%
46.2% 53.8%
65.2% 34.8%

Q1SQ2: Where have you bought Fairtrade products? (Sample size=230, multiple answer)

Coffee store, cafe 29.6%
Natural foods shop 25.7%
Internet 24.8%
Variety store 22.6%
Supermarket 20.9%
Fairtrade shop 17.4%
Co-operative 8.3%
Department store 7.8%
Convenience store 3.5%
Event marketplace 3.0%
Other 14.8%

Q1SQ3: What kinds of Fairtrade products have you bought? (Sample size=230, multiple answer)

Foodstuff 90.4%
Accessories, ornaments, etc 25.7%
Clothes 18.7%
Bath, toiletry items 5.7%
Other 2.2%

Q1SQ4: For what reasons did you buy Fairtrade products? (Sample size=230, multiple answer)

Because I liked the product itself 70.9%
Because I can contribute towards the economies of developing nations 57.0%
Because it’s a social good 37.4%
Because I can contribute to international co-operation 33.5%
Because I can contribute to protecting the environment 17.8%
Because they are good quality 17.8%
Because they are cheap 6.5%
Because people were talking about it, was in vogue 2.6%
Because it’s cool to buy Fair Trade 2.2%
Because friends, family recommended them 1.7%
Other 2.6%

Q1SQ5: For what reasons have you not bought Fairtrade products? (Sample size=172, multiple answer)

Because no shops close at hand stock Fair Trade 48.8%
Because there is no Fair Trade version of products I want 33.1%
Because I don’t know where I can buy Fair Trade products 25.0%
Because they are expensive 23.8%
Because I don’t know which products are Fair Trade 20.3%
Because I’m not interested in Fair Trade 9.3%
Because I feel worried about product quality 4.1%
Because I don’t like the design 1.7%
Because I don’t agree with the rationale behind Fairtrade 1.2%
Other 0.5%

Q2: Would you want to buy Fairtrade products in the future? (Sample size=2,350)

Want to buy (to SQ) 7.5%
Perhaps want to buy (to SQ) 46.1%
Don’t really want to buy 34.8%
Don’t want to buy 11.6%

Q2SQ: How much of a price difference from average prices would you be prepared to pay for Fairtrade products? (Sample size=1,260, multiple answer)

  Coffee Clothes Accessories
Would pay more than twice as much 0.7% 0.8% 0.9%
Would pay up to twice as much 4.0% 3.0% 2.8%
Would pay up to 50% more 6.0% 4.0% 4.9%
Would pay up to 30% more 10.6% 9.0% 7.9%
Would pay up to 20% more 21.0% 18.8% 16.8%
Would pay up to 10% more 26.2% 26.4% 22.8%
Would pay the same price 27.9% 33.3% 36.0%
Would only buy if cheaper 3.7% 4.6% 7.9%

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