A new web address, and perhaps slightly modified content?


Given that the much shorter http://wjt.com is owned by the WJT Buddhist Ministries (who they?), and even if they were willing to sell the price would be way outside the What Japan Thinks annual budget, I instead decided to invest $4 in the even shorter http://wjt.pw – the pw is supposed to be for Professional Web, but Pretty Worthless would be just as accurate, I suspect. As you may have noticed already, for now it just redirects back here, but I might do something more with it later. If you want your own vanity .pw domain, I can recommend NameCheap most heartily, and not just because the link below contains an affiliate code!

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The other matter mentioned in the title, slightly modified content, is to not just stick exclusively to the pie chart/demographics/tables format but do something a bit more chatty. I remember a few years back trying this out, but I chose to do each survey twice, once with the usual format, and once in a more textual format, which seemed more effort than it was worth. Since then, however, a number of the companies I use for surveys have gone bust, merged, or hidden their contents behind member-only walls, and even good old goo Research reports in japan.internet.com now only average one instead of three graphs per article. Furthermore, I have recently discovered a source that collects together a lot of survey-related press release and reports on them in a shorter, more chatty form. A good number of these press releases come from perhaps slightly unreliable sources, but what they lack in rigorousness of method they perhaps make up for in number of participants. For example, web sites with straw polls beside news columns.

Hmm, the above is probably rather unclear; let me post some examples this week, and let me know what you think.

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