How often do you normally use social media? graph of japanese recently reported on an interesting survey conducted by Nifty, comnico and Lifemedia into social media usage, focusing on young soon-to-graduate students.


Between the 8th and 11th of March 2013 559 social media-using people who were due to graduate at the end of this academic year and were aged between 20 and 26 completed an internet survey, but it was not reported how the sample was gathered. 62.1% of the sample were female, and 37.9% male.

Coincidentally, my new group leader today introduced himself, including his Facebook page, and suggested that people interested should befriend him, so I shall do that and see what happens…

Research results

First of all, not reported in graphs but as text was that the top three most often used social media (SNS, chat, Twitter, etc) were first Twitter with 41.0%, second LINE (chat) with 31.5%, and third Facebook with 20.8%, leaving all the rest with just 16.7% between them. The sex split for Twitter was not reported, perhaps due to no significant difference, but LINE was most popular with 35.7% of women versus 24.5% of men, whereas Facebook was 24.5% for men and 18.4% for women.

Q1: How often do you normally use social media? (Sample size=559)

Many times a day 64.6%
Once a day 17.7%
Once every two or three days 8.9%
Once a week 5.2%
Once a month 2.3%
Once every several months 0.7%
Once a year or less 0.5%

Q2: When you start working, do you think you will try to friend your boss, seniors? (Sample size=559)

Will proactively friend them (to SQ2) 6.1%
Depends on the service (to SQ1, SQ2) 35.1%
Avoid as much as possible 58.9%

Q2SQ1: Do you think you will try to friend your boss, seniors on the following services? (Sample size=196)

  Proactively Avoid if possible Don’t use it
Twitter 13.8% 56.1% 30.1%
Facebook 43.4% 34.2% 22.4%
LINE 29.1% 36.7% 34.2%
mixi 7.7% 40.8% 51.5%
Other 0.0% 1.0% 99.0%

Q2SQ2: If your boss, seniors try to friend you on the following services, will you accept? (Sample size=239)

  Proactively Avoid if possible Don’t use it
Twitter 13.0% 58.6% 28.5%
Facebook 35.1% 34.7% 30.1%
LINE 36.4% 29.7% 33.9%
mixi 10.9% 33.9% 55.2%
Other 0.0% 0.8% 99.2%

Q3: Would you like to use social media at work to build up your human network, gather information, etc? (Sample size=559)

Think so 6.6%
Perhaps think so 31.3%
Don’t really think so 36.3%
Don’t think so at all 25.8%


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