Which mobile carrier are you with? graph of japanese statisticsjapan.internet.com recently reported on the 7th regular survey by goo Research into mobile phone, smartphone upgrades.


Over the 25th and 26th of February 2013 1,073 mobile phone-using (including smartphone-using) members of the goo Research online monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 53.0% of the sample were male, 1.0% in their teens, 10.6% in their twenties, 24.5% in their thirties, 29.1% in their forties, and 34.8% aged fifty or older.

I’m surprised to see Sharp in second place, as I feel they hardly do any advertising these days, although I suppose avoiding going bust is a more important issue for them to be worrying about. I’m also surprised to see Samsung so low, as conversely they have about the most adverts on television, although I thought this often-shown one for the Galaxy Note would have been the average Japanese person’s nightmare to have their own photo spread around the internet like that.

Research results

Q1: Which mobile carrier are you with? (Sample size=1,073)

NTT docomo 44.3%
au from KDDI 28.2%
SoftBank 23.5%
Willcom 3.9%
E-Mobile 0.1%

Q2: Which smartphone, mobile phone make are you currently interested in? (Sample size=1,073)

Apple 17.8%
Sharp 11.6%
Sony Mobile 6.5%
Panasonic 5.3%
Fujitsu 4.7%
NEC Casio Mobile 4.3%
Samsung 1.6%
Kyocera 1.2%
HTC 0.7%
Nokia 0.3%
Motorola 0.3%
LG 0.1%
Pantech 0.1%
Other 0.6%
Don’t know 45.0%


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