Compared to recent years, how are your hayfever symptoms this year? graph of japanese recently reported on a survey by Weather News, entitled the first survey into hayfever.


Between the 8th and 12th of March 2013 over 40,000 users of the Weather News web site completed a public survey. No further information was presented, including how many people actually reported having hayfever, although it might be that only hayfever sufferers completed the survey.

My hayfever actually started at the end of December, and I had to go to the doctor. However, it soon went away, then restarted at the start of March, and seems to come and go, but definitely lighter symptoms than last year, and I think we’ve now passed the worse of the cedar pollen.

Research results

Q1: Compared to recent years, how are your hayfever symptoms this year?

Worse 43.3%
About the same 39.4%
Better 17.3%

Q2: When did your hayfever start this season?

Since last year 2.4%
Since the start of January 1.9%
Since the middle of January 2.5%
Since the end of January 4.5%
Since the start of February 8.7%
Since the middle of February 12.8%
Since the end of February 24.8%
Since the start of March 38.7%
Not yet started 3.7%

Q3: What hayfever symptoms do you have? (Multiple answer)

Runny nose 25,391
Sneezing 24,986
Blocked nose 16,164
Itchy eyes 14,626
Itchy skin 12,810
Tickly thoat 9,288
Other 1,390

Q4: What measures are you taking to prevent hayfever? (Multiple answer)

Wear a mask 23,356
Take oral medicine 15,855
Dry clothes inside 10,278
Gargle 10,239
Use an air purifier 9,882
Wash my eyes 9,494
Use nasal spray 9,017
Wear goggles 8,377
Eat yoghurt 8,053
Visit hospital 6,095
Avoid going out 5,747
Drink green tea 5,155
Nasal irrigation 2,594
Use pollen suppression spray (for clothes, etc) 1,900
Eat bananas 1,400
Eat tomato 941
Drink kale juice 839
Other 2,688


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