Who is the maker of the tablet you use the most? graph of japanese statisticsJust a quick pair of statistics for today, taken from the article by japan.internet.com on the SmartPhone Contents Report Vol.04 by Video Research Interactive.


Between the 8th and 12th of February 2013 21,789 internet users completed an internet-based questionnaire. For the final report, the data obtained from the survey was weighted according to Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications statistics on internet users in 2011.

Sadly, my employer does not make it into either of the lists…

Research results

Q1: Who is the maker of the smartphone you use the most? (Sample size=8,762)

  This survey Previous survey
(August 2012)
Apple 33% 32%
Sharp 17% 16%
Sony 11% 12%
Fujitsu 9% 8%
Samsung 8% 8%
NEC Casio 5% 6%
Other 17% 19%

Q2: Who is the maker of the tablet you use the most? (Sample size=2,457)

  This survey Previous survey
(August 2012)
Apple 57% 62%
Google 9%
Sony 5% 6%
Samsung 4% 7%
Fujitsu 4% 4%
Amazon 3%
Other 19% 21%


Daniel · March 9, 2013 at 12:04

It seems Apple’s popular over there, I use Apple as well so it seems I’d fit in over there.

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