Tablets reaching one in six Japanese


Do you have a tablet device? graph of japanese statisticsThis is a survey that I hope goo Research will make into a series, their look at tablet devices, as reported by


Between the 1st and 3rd of February 2013 1,087 members of the goo Research online monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 52.8% of the sample were male, 16.2% in their teens, 18.3% in their twenties, 21.4% in their thirties, 16.3% in their forties, 15.5% in their fifties, and 12.3% aged sixty or older.

Note that the one-sixth in the title refers to the one-sixth of the population that are members of goo Research, so there might be a positive bias towards tablet owners, but on the other hand one can imagine reasons why there might also be a negative bias.

A tablet is something I’d like to buy for the house for the times when I cannot be bothered booting up my netbook just to check the headlines or the like. The seven-inch Google Nexus tablet seems like a good fit for what I need.

Research results

Q1: Do you have a tablet device? (Sample size=1,087)

Yes (to SQs)16.6%

Q1SQ1: What was important when buying your tablet device? (Sample size=180, multiple answer)

Tablet design, colour selection6033.3%
Operating system6033.3%
Screen quality, resolution4022.2%
Connection speed3519.4%
Internal memory size2815.6%

When asked what they bought their tablet for, the top three answers were 85.6% said for internet access, 47.8% for viewing video, and 30.0% for reading electronic books.

Q1SQ2: What kind of connections do you use for your tablet device? (Sample size=180, multiple answer)


Q1SQ3: Which of these devices do you find the easiest to use? (Sample size=180)

Only have a tablet1.1%
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