goo Ranking recently published the results of a pair of ranking surveys into when girls wish they could be reborn as boys, and when boys wish they could be rebord as girls.


Over the 7th and 8th of December 2012 1,059 members of the goo Research monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 61.4% of the sample were female, 10.8% in their teens, 14.4% in their twenties, 24.9% in their thirties, 28.8% in their forties, 11.5% in their fifties, and 9.6% aged sixty or older. Note that the score in the results refers to the relative number of votes for each option, not a percentage of the total sample.

Here’s a guy enjoying number 2, both 6s, and perhaps even the first 9.

妹スマイル 野中詩季 05 DxO FP

Ranking results

Q1: When do you wish you could be reborn as a boy? (Sample size=650, female)

Rank   Score
1 When I feel the hardship of monthly periods 100
2 When I get fed up with the bother of interpersonal relationships between my female friends 85.2
3 When it becomes a pain dealing with excess body hair 63.9
4 When I feel salary, promotion, etc favours men 59.8
5 When child-rearing, housework becomes a pain 63.9
6 When I sense the passionate friendship between guys 50.5
7 When people request me to do “womanly” things 48.8
8 When putting on make-up every day is a bother 47.1
9 When I have to spend a stupid amount on cosmetics every month 38.8
10 When I see guys having a great time just talking about any old nonsense 38.8
11 When worrying about my style is a bother 33.7
12 When I feel there are more guys than girls travelling solo to a destination 33.0
13 When my feet get sore from wearing high heels 28.2
14 When I feel I’d like to join the boys on an all-night boozing session 20.6
15= When I envy guys who can get a skinhead cut to cool off in summer 20.3
15= When I don’t want to wear stockings 20.3
17 When other girls tell me I look cool 19.9
18 When underwear, other unseen clothing is expensive 19.2
19 When girls nights out become bothersome 18.2
20 When I feel checks on girls’ dress is strict 14.1
21= When I want to completely stuff my face with food without anyone saying anything about it 13.4
21= When my male friends say I’d like something if I was a guy 13.4
23 When my girlfriends talk only about their diets 8.9
24 When I want to talk dirty 7.9
25 When someone tells me I don’t need to work so hard 5.2

Q2: When do you wish you could be reborn as a girl? (Sample size=409, male)

Rank   Score
1 When I see an advertisement for a Ladies Plan or other special service 100
2 When I think I’d like to enjoy a wide range of fashions 90.2
3 When at parties men have to pay more than women 75.4
4 When people request me to do “manly” things 72.1
5 When I hear talk about a fun hen party 59.0
6= When I want to unreservedly eat cake at a cafe 50.8
6= When I think I’d like to experience the metamorphosis after makeup 50.8
8 When I think I’d like to enjoy a wide range of hair styles 37.7
9= When I examine my reflection in a mirror and realise I might pass as a beautiful woman 32.8
9= When I am only attractive to other men 32.8
9= When my female friends say I’d like something if I was a girl 32.8
12 When I think I’d like to get pampered at a nail salon, beauty salon 29.5
13 When I see a woman resigning from work to get married 27.9
14= When I get a vague feeling I’d like to bear a child 26.2
14= When only the men get asked to carry heavy things 26.2

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Daniel · February 7, 2013 at 10:58

I’m a guy & I don’t see why eating cake is a problem, it must be cultural differences but still I’d eat cake in Japan in a café, if I want cake I’ll get cake I don’t care what others think. Want bear a child really? Even I know that’s a bad idea (one of the most painful experiences), even if I was a girl I wouldn’t (although I suppose being a girl there’s different hormones so I don’t know what I’d be thinking really).

I think your scoring 4 “When I feel salary, promotion, etc favours men” 5 “When child-rearing, housework becomes a pain” is around the wrong way cause 4 has less points than 5

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