Two in five young Japanese women need a social detox


Have you ever felt that using SNS is bothersome? graph of japanese reported on a recent survey by Neo Marketing into the true feelings (honne) of SNS users and found rather a lot getting a bit tired of the social grind.


As with most non-goo Research surveys, the demographic information was lacking; 1,000 SNS users of both sexes between the ages of 20 and 49 completed a (presumably private) internet-based questionnaire at some unspecified date.

I keep my SNS usage to a minimum; indeed, my wife uses my Facebook account more than me, every day checking up on a few people to see what they are up to, whereas my usage is 99% automated reposts of this blog. I am more active on Google Plus, but as I find nothing wrong with just ignoring people (sorry, that’s just my character!) it never gets too burdensome.

Regarding Q3 and the dissatisfaction of getting requests from unknown people, I believe that when you sign up with Facebook and enter where you live, Facebook prompts you with a list of people nearby, so I occasionally get requests from Facebook newbies who live in the same town and probably think it would be cool to have a foreign friend. I, of course, just ignore them.

The article also had a quote from the head of a psychiartric clinic in Tokyo, saying that they are seeing a few patients having stress from work through SNS, which they have termed “social harrassment”. The doctor recommended taking a break from SNS now and again, and suggested avoiding it just before bedtime and/or Sundays.

Research results

Q1: About how long per day do you spend on SNS? (Sample size=1,000)

Less than five minutes17.7%
Less than ten minutes23.7%
Less than thirty minutes27.7%
Less than one hour18.6%
Less than two hours6.7%
Less than three hours3.9%
Less than six hours1.3%
Less than nine hours0.3%
More than nine hours0.1%

When asked how they accessed SNS, 91.7% said via computer, 53.9% via smartphone, and 21.1% via standard mobile phone.

When asked when they accessed SNS, the most popular time was 9 pm to midnight, with 41.5% online then, followed by 17.8% between 6 pm and 9 pm

Q2: What are the good things about using SNS? (Sample size=1,000, multiple answer)

Can occupy my free time50.2%
Can meet old friends30.4%
Can make more friends25.3%
Can communicate more with friends25.1%
Can find out what friends are doing24.9%
Have more chances to get recommendations, latest info, etc20.5%
Have more chances to publish my own info17.7%
Can broaden the scope of my hobbies14.8%
Can easily participate in communities12.8%
Can easily participate in real-life events, meet-ups5.4%
Don’t think there’s anything good about it10.4%

When asked if they had any dissatisfactions about SNS usage, 57.2% of men but 70.8% of women said yes. Those dissatisfied were then asked the following.

Q3: What dissatsifactions do you have regarding using SNS? (Sample size=those dissatisfied, multiple answer)

Requests from people I’ve never met before14.6%21.2%
I become shackled to SNS14.4%17.6%
Worry about whether my posts, comments will get a reply13.2%22.%
Difficult to refuse friend requests12.6%15.0%
Other people can learn about my activites on SNS11.8%19.6%
There are sales pitches11.0%8.8%
Feel obliged to reply to other people’s posts, comments8.6%15.6%
Made-up stories, libel7.8%8.6%
Difficult to defriend people7.6%12.8%
Must choose my words to prevent flame wars, etc6.6%10.6%
Interpersonal relations become diluted5.6%5.0%
Feel obliged to post text, photos5.2%7.2%
Worry about whether people will become real-life friends4.4%3.2%

When asked if they ever think they’d like to spend a whole day on SNS, 71.1% answered in the negative, and just 1.5% strongly agreed.

Q4: Have you ever felt that using SNS is bothersome? (Sample size=1,000)

Very much so9.7%
Somewhat so41.9%
Can’t say32.7%
Not really so12.1%
Not at all so3.6%

Tying in with another new term, “social harrassment”, a couple of the bothersome issues were having to “Like” one’s boss’s post and being unable to refuse one’s boss’s friend requests.

Q5: Would you like to take a break from SNS? (Sample size=1,000)

&nbspYesCan’t sayNo
Men, twenties38.6%37.1%24.3%
Men, thirties28.4%42.6%29.0%
Men, forties22.8%44.5%32.7%
Women, twenties37.9%24.8%37.2%
Women, thirties26.5%42.5%31.0%
Women, forties24.5%43.9%31.6%
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