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How often do you want to cry? graph of japanese statisticsMacromill Research recently conducted a survey that looked at women and crying, and this article presents the report japan.internet.com wrote about the results.


Over the 23rd and 24th of November 2012 415 female members of the Macromill monitor panel aged between 20 and 59 years old completed a private internet-based questionnaire.

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Note that the survey excluded crying at movies, books, etc. Or, no doubt, being in close proximity to a sumo wrestler.

Research results

Q1: How often do you want to cry? (Sample size=415)

More than once a month44%
Less than once a month45%
Don’t know11%

Q2: When do you most often want to cry? (Sample size=415)


Q3: Who do you want to cry with? (Sample size=415, multiple answer)

By myself97.8%
With husband5.5%
With female friends3.4%
With boyfriend2.9%
With male friends1.2%
With parents, children, sisters2.2%

Q4: At what times do you want to cry? (Sample size=415, multiple answer)

When I’ve been enduring something40.2%
When things just aren’t going well38.3%
When I want to relieve stress36.6%
When I want to escape from the world29.6%
When lonely28.0%
When I have problems relating to others24.3%
When annoyed24.3%
When I want to enrich my dry heart21.9%
When I’m in love20.0%
When I’m exhausted with work17.1%
No particular reason14.5%
When I haven’t cried for a while14.5%
When I want to feel calm12.5%
When I want to relax10.1%

Furthermore, when asked how they trigger the tears, the most popular method was television with 33.3%, 24.8% movies, 14.7% music, 13.3% alcohol, 11.1% books and so on.

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