How Japanese schoolgirls wish a Happy New Year


What kind of decomail do you plan to use? graph of japanese statisticsI missed publishing this report before New Year, but I think the data is interesting enough for you to forgive me the slight slowness. It is a look at New Year greeting situation by Furyu, with the target of the survey being middle and high schoolgirls.


Between the 14th and 16th of December 2012 270 middle and high schoolgirls (aged 13 to 18) who used the Pictlink site run by the survey company completed an internet-based questionnaire.

I must say I’m surprised by the results here, as the media tells me that schoolgirls are always on the leading edge of trends, yet good old-fashioned paper postcards maintain their strong showings, followed by bog standard email. However, LINE does put in a very strong showing, but Twitter and SNS barely register. It would also have been useful to see how many people were contacted via each method.

Not being a schoolgirl myself, all my greetings within Japan were postcards. Internet-only friends didn’t merit individually addressed felicitations!

Research results

Q1: What did you use for New Year greetings last New Year, and what do you plan to use this New Year? (Sample size=270, multiple answer)

 20122013 plans
Send New Year postcard90%83%
Send email from mobile phone, smartphone (to SQ1)86%93%
Call on telephone17%23%
Chat on LINE14%56%
Message on mixi9%13%
Send email from PC6%5%
Send Twitter direct message2%9%
Send Facebook message1%5%
Send message on other web service3%3%
Didn’t, won’t send any1%2%

Q1SQ: What kind of decomail do you plan to use? (Sample size=those who plan to send email)

New Year-themed decomail82%
Ordinary decomail only12%
Won’t use decomail, only text, standard emoji6%

Q2: Which performer, famous person, etc would you most like to receive a New Year postcard from? (Sample size=270, top five)


Rank Percentage
1Kyary Pamyu-Pamyu8.5%
3=Kana Nishino5.1%
3=Emi Takei5.1%
5Mirei Kiritani4.0%


Rank Percentage
2=Shohei Miura5.8%
2=Tori Matsuzaka5.8%
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