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Smartphone HolderThis will most likely be the last proper survey for 2012, a look by MMD, Mobile Marketing Data Laboratory, at mobile carrier satisfaction levels, as reported by


Few demographics were given, just that on the 18th and 19th of December 2012 664 members of the MMD monitor group between the ages of 20 and 59 and who owned a smartphone from either docomo, au or SoftBank completed a private internet-based questionnaire. The results were listed alongside the results of a similar survey from May 2012.

Note that docomo only has seen a significant drop in satisfaction with signal strength and talk area; perhaps one reason is that there has been a number of network outages over the summer, and I still see occassional dropping out of my 3G signal in and around train stations at rush hour.

Research results

Note that the following question was most likely asked as describing how satisified one was, perhaps “Satisified”, “Somewhat Satisfied”, “Can’t say/no answer”, “Somewhat dissatisfied”, and “Dissatisfied”. The two percentages for the positive answers were then added together to give the following charts.

Q: For each of the following headings, are you satisfied with your carrier’s offerings?

au by KDDI users

 Dec 2012May 2012
Billing plans45.7%45.7%
Signal strength66.1%64.4%
Talk area71.7%73.1%
Handset line-up50.0%37.9%
Handset price30.7%22.8%
Exclusive services35.8%
Brand image62.3%
Overall satisfaction64.6%55.2%

NTT docomo users

 Dec 2012May 2012
Billing plans27.3%36.8%
Signal strength59.0%67.2%
Talk area68.8%76.6%
Handset line-up40.2%45.0%
Handset price17.9%21.5%
Exclusive services21.4%
Brand image62.1%
Overall satisfaction48.4%52.8%

SoftBank users

 Dec 2012May 2012
Billing plans46.4%57.2%
Signal strength32.1%29.2%
Talk area37.8%36.9%
Handset line-up42.8%43.7%
Handset price33.2%38.5%
Exclusive services24.5%
Brand image52.6%
Overall satisfaction46.9%45.6%
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