iPad mini top of Japanese men’s Christmas present list


Where do you plan to buy a Christmas cake? graph of japanese statisticsMacromill Research recently published the results of their survey into Christmas 2012.


Over the 13th and 14th of November 2012 500 members of the Macromill monitor group who lived in Tokyo or the three surrounding prefectures of Kanagawa, Chiba and Saitama completed a private internet-based questionnaire. The sample was split exactly 50:50 male and female, and exactly 25% in their twenties, 25% in their thirties, 25% in their forties, and 25% in their fifties.

It’s very interesting to note for men that the iPad mini is the only item named by brand. One reason might be that it is just about the only tablet advertised on television, with regular prime-time spots almost every day. The Japanese manufacturers seem to have given up, but just yesterday I saw my first advert for Amazon’s Fire HD.

Research results

Q1A: Do you plan to go out for something Christmas-related between the 22nd and 25th of December 2012? (Sample size=500)

Yes (to SQ)52.4%
No, am working, etc47.6%

Q1B: Do you plan to go out for something Christmas-related between the 22nd and 25th of December 2012? (Sample size=500, per day)

 Go outNot go outWorkOther
Saturday 22nd30.8%44.8%17.6%6.8%
Sunday 23rd38.8%42.0%11.6%7.6%
Monday 24th
(Public holiday)
Tuesday 25th14.6%43.8%35.6%6.0%

Q1SQ: What do you plan to go out to do Christmas-related between the 22nd and 25th of December 2012? (Sample size=262, multiple answer, top ten)

Rank Percentage
1View illuminations43.9%
2Shop for Christmas presents27.9%
3Go for a slap-up Christmas dinner, etc25.2%
4Go to a friend’s home party14.9%
5Go to a theme park, etc14.5%
6Go to a party at a restaurant, etc9.9%
7Go on domestic travel8.0%
8=Stay at a hotel7.3%
8=Go to a concert, other live performance7.3%
10Go to an onsen (hot springs)3.8%

Q2: Which Tokyo-area illumination spots do you want to go to? (Sample size=500, multiple answer, top ten)

Rank Percentage
1Tokyo Station Square28.4%
2Tokyo Sky Tree26.4%
3Omotesando Hills21.2%
4Tokyo Mid Town19.4%
5Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse16.8%
6Roppongi Keyakisaka Doori14.4%
7=Maru no Uchi Naka Doori11.8%
7=Yokohama Landmark Tower11.8%
9Tokyo Tower11.2%
10Ebisu Garden Place8.6%

People were asked what their budget for Christmas was. For the 411 people who said it was more than zero, the average was 22,671 yen. Within that sample, 188 men averaged 26,432 yen and 223 women averaged 19,500 yen. This is almost 10% up from the same survey two years ago.

Q3: Do you plan to buy a Christmas cake? (Sample size=500)

Yes (to SQ)51.0%
No, but will bake one myself9.6%
Don’t know23.2%

For those 255 people planning to buy, between 2,000 and 3,000 yen was the most popular price, with 38.0% thinking of spending that amount.

Q3SQ: Where do you plan to buy a Christmas cake? If you plan to buy more than one, answer for the most expensive one. (Sample size=255)

Rank Percentage
1Cake shop56.9%
2Department store17.3%
4Convenience store6.3%
5Internet, mail order1.6%

Q4: What do you want for Christmas this year? (Sample size=500)

Male, N=250

Rank Percentage
1iPad mini17.2%

Female, N=250

Rank Percentage
1Accessory, jewelry33.6%
4Shoes, boots17.2%

Male, twenties, N=62

Rank Percentage
2iPad mini22.6%
3Wristwatch, wallet17.7%

Female, twenties, N=63

Rank Percentage
1Accessory, jewelry44.4%

Male, thirties, N=63

Rank Percentage
1iPad mini15.9%

Female, thirties, N=62

Rank Percentage
1=Accessory, jewelry37.1%

Male, forties, N=62

Rank Percentage
1iPad mini12.9%
2=Domestic travel11.3%

Female, forties, N=63

Rank Percentage
1Accessory, jewelry31.7%

Male, fifties, N=63

Rank Percentage
1iPad mini17.5%
2Domestic travel9.5%

Female, fifties, N=62

Rank Percentage
1Accessory, jewelry21.0%
2=Gloves, scarf14.5%
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