Japanese prefer Korean smart televisions: part two of two


Which television had the best physical design? graph of japanese statistics[part one] [part two]

This recent survey from Interface In Design into smart television, where the respondents got to compare devices hands-on, produced the surprising result that one Korean model beat three Japanese models in almost every category.


Between the 11th and 16th of October 2012 240 people were picked off the street to take part in a Central Location Test, where they could try all the devices under test hands-on. The sample was of people who watched television at home at least thrice a week, and there was a 50:50 split of the sexes in each of four age groups, with 25% in their twenties, thirties, forties, and fifties or older. The televisions under test were all 55 or 52 inch LCDs, Panasonic TH-L55ET5, Sony KDL-55HX850, Sharp LC-52L5 and LG 55LM7600.

I believe that in this test people were aware which television was which, in other words there is nothing that I could see in the survey that suggests that maker names were hidden. This makes the graph here even more suprising, as one would have thought the people surveyed would have been more loyal to their local brands. Even if names were hidden, it still makes grim reading for the Japanese television manufacturers, what with now all three of the makers here having their shares relegated to junk status.

Research results

Q7: How were the available contents for each device? (Sample size=240, multiple answer)

Richness of offerings62.8%63.2%53.8%81.6%
Various contents to enjoy75.0%76.3%64.9%85.5%

Q8: Which television had the best physical design? (Sample size=240)


Q9: How were the various aspects of the physical design of each television? (Sample size=240, multiple answer)

First impressions76.5%77.4%53.5%83.5%
Frontal view75.8%74.5%51.5%84.0%
Thinness of screen bezel69.5%72.9%57.6%91.9%
Overall depth91.9%89.7%56.4%93.6%

Q10: How was the physical design of the frontal view of each television? (Sample size=240, multiple answer)


Q10: How was the overall depth of television? (Sample size=240, multiple answer)


Q11: How well did the physical design harmonise with the room’s interior design? (Sample size=240, multiple answer)


Q12: How do you evaluate the television’s portal’s home screen? (Sample size=240, multiple answer)

Home page design74.7%58.7%43.6%71.1%
Ease of finding contents I want to view70.0%54.5%60.0%63.2%

Q13: How do you evaluate the Panasonic television’s portal’s home screen? (Sample size=240, multiple answer)

Ease of finding contents I want to view66.1%67.9%70.9%75.0%
Would want to buy46.7%60.5%65.9%67.4%

[part one] [part two]

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