Japanese prefer Korean smart televisions: part one of two


Do you know what Smart Television is? graph of japanese statistics[part one] [part two]

This recent survey from Interface In Design into smart television, where the respondents got to compare devices hands-on, produced the surprising result that one Korean model beat three Japanese models in almost every category.


Between the 11th and 16th of October 2012 240 people were picked off the street to take part in a Central Location Test, where they could try all the devices under test hands-on. The sample was of people who watched television at home at least thrice a week, and there was a 50:50 split of the sexes in each of four age groups, with 25% in their twenties, thirties, forties, and fifties or older. The televisions under test were all 55 or 52 inch LCDs, Panasonic TH-L55ET5, Sony KDL-55HX850, Sharp LC-52L5 and LG 55LM7600.

Note that The Register has an interesting opinion piece on smart television’s software design.

Research results

Q1: Do you know what Smart Television is? (Sample size=240)

Have one at home0.4%
Know something about it8.3%
Just heard the term57.9%
Don’t know anything about it33.3%

Q2: What image do you have when you hear the term Smart Television? (Sample size=240, multiple answer)

As well as television viewing, can connect to the internet and do various things67.1%
Can search for weather, news, etc like on a PC62.1%
Can work along with a smartphone56.3%
Can look up related information on the internet while watching programmes46.3%
Can use Twitter, Facebook, etc30.4%
Can play back photos, videos I shot myself28.3%
Can watch from any room, when outside, etc27,5%
Can use content providers like Tsutaya, Hulu25.4%
Can watch in Full HD25.0%
Can seamlessly choose from broadcast programmes, recorded TV, and internet delivery24.6%
Can expand functions through downloaded apps24.6%
Can download karaoke, shopping, etc apps18.8%
Recording functions become more advanced15.8%
Don’t really know, cannot imagine10.0%

The following questions were asked after the respondents got a chance to use the various models.

Q3: What would you like to see from Smart Television? (Sample size=240, multiple answer)

Easy to use remote control94.6%
Easy to understand, easy to search from home screen85.4%
Quality images80.0%
Good physical design74.6%
Sufficient network functionality69.6%

For this question, they were asked to rate overall satisfaction in one four categories “Satisfied”, “Somewhat satisfied”, “Somewhat dissatisfied” and “Dissatisfied”, and wanting to buy as “Defintely”, “Perhaps”, “Perhaps not”, and “Not at all”. The scores for the two positive answers for each device were added up and are reported below. The pattern was also repeated in many of the later questions.

Q4: How do you rate the devices in the following categories? (Sample size=240, multiple answer)

Overall satisfaction63.5%62.1%52.5%67.6%
Would want to buy60.0%54.3%41.7%64.6%

Q5: Which device had the easiest to use remote control? (Sample size=240)


Q6: How was the ease of use for each remote control? (Sample size=240, multiple answer)


[part one] [part two]

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