Three in ten Japanese thinking about a tablet, iPad and mini top picks


Do you plan to buy a tablet by the end of 2012? graph of japanese statisticsMMD, Mobile Marketing Data Laboratory, recently published a report on a survey they conducted themselves into tablet ownership and purchase views.


Between the 25th and 29th of October 2012 17,559 people, presumably members of the MMD monitor panel completed a presumably private survey. No further demographics were provided.

I’m sort-of thinking about a Nexus 7; it’s nice and cheap, and pretty good according to reviews by friends. I’m interested to see if the Japanese manufacturers exit the consumer tablet market; Sony at least offer a different design than just a slab, and I was disappointed to see that the Panasonic Eluga Live tablet doesn’t even merit a mention, although the 90,000 yen price tag might have something to do with it…

Research results

Q1: Do you have a tablet? (Sample size=17,559)


Q2: Do you plan to buy a tablet by the end of 2012? (Sample size=17,559)

Plan to buy (to SQ1, SQ3)6.4%
Thinking about buying (to SQ1, SQ3)24.2%
Not planning to buy69.4%

Q2SQ1: What tablets are you planning, thinking about buying? (Sample size=5,376, multiple answer)

iPad Wi-Fi30.9%
iPad mini Wi-Fi27.6%
Nexus 715.6%
iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular (to SQ2)12.6%
Kindle Fire HD11.5%
iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (to SQ2)10.7%
Xperia Tablet (Sony Tablet)7.8%
Kindle Fire6.9%
Galaxy Tab 10.16.9%
Galaxy Tab 7.75.3%
Regza Tablet 7.74.6%
Regza Tablet 10.14.2%
Regza Tablet 13.34.1%
Arrows Tab3.8%
Medias Tab2.4%
Optimus Pad1.2%
Motorola Xoom0.7%
Not started investigating particular models yet23.5%

Note that those who were not thinking about buying an iPad with a cellular radio skipped this question.

Q2SQ2: What carrier do you plan to use? (Sample size=964)

Don’t know23.0%

Q2SQ3: What tablets are you interested in, paying attention to? (Sample size=5,376, multiple answer)

iPad mini Wi-Fi42.9%
iPad Wi-Fi42.4%
iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular26.8%
Nexus 722.8%
iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular22.0%
Kindle Fire HD21.3%
Xperia Tablet (Sony Tablet)15.2%
Kindle Fire15.1%
Galaxy Tab 10.112.9%
Galaxy Tab 7.711.3%
Regza Tablet 13.310.8%
Regza Tablet 7.79.8%
Regza Tablet 10.18.3%
Arrows Tab8.0%
Medias Tab5.2%
Optimus Pad3.3%
Motorola Xoom2.6%
Don’t know, none in particular15.3%
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