Today I present a statistic rather than a survey for a change, a look by Biglobe’s Twipple service at the top-trending Twitter keywords (not hashtags) for September 2012, as reported by

About 1.384 billion Tweets were generated in Japan in September 2012, and these formed the data from which the following top ten was generated. It is also noted that “typhoon” racked up 57.15 million tweets on its peak day, whereas the second-placed “iPhone 5” managed just 6 million at its peak.

Research results

Top ten Twitter keywords in the Japanese Twit-o-sphere for September 2012

Rank Keyword English Date peaked Explanation
1 台風 Typhoon 30th September There was a big typhoon that day
2 iPhone 5 iPhone 5 13th September The announcement date. There was a second peak on the 21st of September, the release date, but it only reached about two-thirds of the first peak
3 ミスト Mr Donuts 26th September The doughnut chain ran a half-price campaign that day, apparently
4 阿部 Abe 26th September Shinzo Abe was elected president of the opposition Liberal Democratic Party, thanks in part to new medicine for ulcerative colitis.
5 警察 Police 26th September I don’t know why the police might have trended that day
6 反日 Anti-Japan 18th September The height of the anti-Japan rioting and looting in China
7 宿題 Homework 2nd September I’m not sure why homework would have trended that day
8 マギ Magi 30th September The title of a new animation series that was about to start being broadcast
9 上戸彩 Aya Ueto 14th September Another vapid celeb gets hitched in an ill-matched couple, this time to the 16 years older HIRO from EXILE
10 ギャバン Gaban 23rd September Apparently the name of an old favourite, Space Sheriff Gavan, who makes a guest appearance in Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters


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