Over three in four Japanese interested in home power generation


Are you interested at self-generation of power? graph of japanese statisticsWith the Japanese government’s energy policy in the public consultation phase, this survey from the curiously-named Cyber Casting and PR into energy awareness gives a snapshot of opinions on energy issues.


Between the 25th and 29th of June and the 16th and 18th of July, 1,032 members of the Cyber Casting and PR online monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. All those who took part were between 20 and 59 years of age, but no further breakdown by age or sex was given, nor why or how the survey was split over two periods.

I’ll note that Q2 is a badly worded question that leads the respondant to select some degree of worry.

As someone who sees nuclear as a necessary evil these days, and more importantly as someone who (in my own estimation) listens with an open mind to news from Fukushima, I accept that more people have died already from the stress of evacuation that will ever die from cancer caused by the radiation leaks, yet due to incompetence and arrogance from the government and scientic spokespeople, the message does not get through. The latest figure I have heard is that based on studies in Chernobyl, those who evacuated and didn’t return home have worse health prognoses when mental health-related issues are taken into consideration, compared to those that didn’t leave or evacuated but shortly returned.

Oh, and don’t get me started on how 0% nuclear means almost-certain failure to meet Kyoto Protocol targets.

Research results

Q1: Since the Fukushima nuclear accident, which of the following have you felt? (Sample size=1,032, multiple answer)

Worries about environmental pollution71.5%
Worries about the effects of human69.6%
Dissatisfaction about the financial burden caused by electricity price increases, etc54.4%
Not felt any in particular4.8%

Q2: Do you feel worried about electricity grid presently relying on a high degree of nuclear power generation? (Sample size=1,032)

Yes, worried45.9%
Yes, somewhat worried28.0%
Can’t say either way19.6%
No, not really worried3.8%
Not worried at all2.7%

Q3: Regarding nuclear power, which of the following energy strategies for 2030 do you support? (Sample size=1,032)

0% share (all reactors decommissioned)49.5%
15% share (11 percentage point reduction from 2010)36.9%
20%-25% share (maintain the same level as 2010)13.6%

Q4: Are you interested at self-generation of power (solar panels, home gas-powered electricity generation, etc)? (Sample size=1,032)

Yes, and using it4.8%
Yes, but not using it72.9%
No, but using it0.6%
No, and not using it21.7%

Q5: What kinds of self-generation of power would you want to use, are you using? (Sample size=1,032, multiple answer, multiple answer)

Solar and gas33.0%
Don’t want to use any in particular16.2%

Q6: If you were to be buying a new home, remodelling your current, what kind of electricity supply system would you want to use? (Sample size=1,032)

Both gas and electricity38.0%
Perhaps both gas and electricity22.3%
Can’t say either way21.9%
Perhaps electricity only9.8%
Electricity only8.0%
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