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A lot of foreigners in Japan reacon that the whole Japanese university system is a big failure, but this survey looked at the things in people’s university life that they felt may have been a little failure.


Between the 17th and 18th of January 2012 1,048 members of the goo Research online monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 61.6% of the sample were female, 12.3% in their teens, 15.6% in their twenties, 27.9% in their thirties, 25.8% in their forties, 9.5% in their fifties, and 8.9% in their sixties. Note that the score in the results refers to the relative number of votes for each option, not a percentage of the total sample.

It’s a bit sad that it takes until the very last entry to have something about the opposite sex! My only regret from university is that I imagined … no, that’s not really a regret (and rather embarrassing to take any further). Other than that, none really, I suppose, except that I wish I hadn’t been so naive, but as I still am, I suppose I’ll forever be naive!

Ranking result

Q: What things in your university life did you feel were a little failure? (Sample size=1,048)

Rank Score
1I didn’t take mock tests100
2I hung out with the same group of friends73.5
3I spent all my time doing a part-time job57.6
4I didn’t attend culture festivals, other events50.6
5I didn’t take part in job-hunting activites47.1
6As I picked any old field to study, I wasn’t interested in the classes46.5
7I sat in the back seats during lectures44.7
8I spent all my free time at home in my room42.9
9I didn’t join any clubs or societies so couldn’t make friends41.8
10I just went to lectures to fill out the attendence card35.9
11I didn’t attend any seminars31.8
12I spent all the time boozing29.4
13=I didn’t submit coursework by the cut-off date26.5
13=I didn’t make my own notes, just copied from friends26.5
15I didn’t write a graduation thesis25.9
16=I lived by myself near to the university21.2
16=I never managed to make a single 9am class21.2
18I became a fixture in the society’s club-house19.4
19I had a too way-out haircut11.8
20I joined lots of societies10.6
21=I prefered dating parties to lectures9.4
21=I spent all the time at home on-line gaming9.4
23=I spoke frankly with the lecturer7.1
23=I related too many tales of my triumphs and scared all of the opposite sex away7.1
23=I always ended up as the gofer7.1
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