What women think of men on the science track


One way students get classified in Japanese schools and then in their later life is whether they are on a science track or an arts track, so goo Ranking decided to find out what Japanese women think are the slightly lop-sidedness of science-y guys. Hopefully they’ll also do the women and the arts track soon!


Between the 17th and 18th of January 2012 1,048 members of the goo Research online monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 61.6% of the sample were female, 12.3% in their teens, 15.6% in their twenties, 27.9% in their thirties, 25.8% in their forties, 9.5% in their fifties, and 8.9% in their sixties. Note that the score in the results refers to the relative number of votes for each option, not a percentage of the total sample. This survey was for the women only.

I can identify with most of the list, I suppose, and those I don’t identify personally with, I know someone in the same line of business who does! The only one that stands out as a bit odd is number 7, they tell logical jokes. Perhaps in Japan it has a different meaning, or perhaps it is as a contrast to slapstick?

Ranking result

Q: What are the slightly lop-sidednesses of science-oriented men? (Sample size=646, women)

Rank Score
1They know a lot about electrical products100
2The conversation heats up when the talk turns to computer programs97.5
3They prefer glasses to contact lenses94.7
4They are not really bothered about fashion90.9
5They don’t read the mood and drone on at length about their favourite topic86.7
6They are poor at expressing emotions77.9
7They tell logical jokes67.7
8They speak little and in a small voice66.7
9They like computer games65.3
10They hold illusions about women54.4
11They don’t really get caught up in the emotional flow49.1
12They surf the internet when they have free time46.3
13They sometimes speak too fast for me to catch41.4
14They don’t feel resistance to reading English books35.4
15They try their hardest to stay in at weekends34.0
16They love new stuff33.3
17They are attracted by the beauty in function31.2
18They like neatness29.5
19They like beautiful women26.7
20They run hot and cold24.2
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