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Which is your main device for sending and receiving email, a computer or a mobile phone? graph of japanese recently reported on a sruvey by goo Research, their third regular survey into mobile phone users’ email usage. Note that mobile phone here covers both existing feature phones and smartphones.


Between the 16th and 18th of January 2012 1,086 members of the computer-based goo Research monitor group who had also registered as mobile phone monitors completed a mobile phone-based (including smartphone) questionnaire. 58.8% of the sample were female, 2.9% in their teens, 26.8% in their twenties, 33.9% in their thirties, 25.6% in their forties, and 10.8% aged fifty or older.

Since getting my smartphone I’ve started using it as my main device for emailing my parents, as I cannot get as much time as I want on my real computers, and now with a better camera it is quite easy to attach photos. Furthermore, docomo’s sp-mode email tool offers now not just embedded animated emoji, but also full animation that dances all over the email page via a mechanism that I haven’t actually got round to investigating yet but I suspect is HTML 5 scripting.

Research results

Q1: Which is your main device for sending and receiving email, a computer or a mobile phone? (Sample size=1,086)

Computer (to SQ1)32.6%
Mobile phone, smartphone51.8%
Can’t say either way12.6%
Don’t have a computer2.9%

Q1SQ1: Why do you use a computer as your mail email device? (Sample size=354, multiple answer)

More used to writing email on computers79.1%
Easy to use41.2%
Don’t run up a data packet transmission bill39.8%
The email addresses of people I often communicate with are recorded on computer only9.6%
No good with mobile phones6.8%

Some of the Other reasons were that the display was wider, speed was faster, better useability, and that one needed to attach files to messages.

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