Banner adverts most attract clickers in Japan


Have you ever clicked a contextual ad in blogs, etc? graph of japanese statisticsgoo Research recently conducted their second regular survey into internet advertising.


Between the 19th and 22nd of December 2011 1,071 members of the goo Research monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 52.8% of the sample were male, 16.2% in their teens, 17.8% in their twenties, 21.5% in their thirties, 16.3% in their forties, and 28.1% aged fifty or older.

I don’t click on many adverts – I run a blocker at home, and at work I turn off the display of images and disable flash as I find a lot of advertising just far too ugly. If I click on an advertisement it will be either a Google text ad or a specific affiliate link where I want to share some benefit with the person who introduced me to the item or service I am purchasing.

Research results

Q1: Have you ever clicked on an advertisement in search results? (Sample size=1,071)

Don’t know10.2%

Q2: Have you ever clicked on a contextual advertisement in blogs, articles? (Sample size=1,071)

Don’t know27.4%

Q3: Which of the following kinds of internet advertisements do you want to click? (Sample size=1,071, multiple answer)

Banner advertisements (including animated)48.6%
Links in email newsletters28.9%
Text links in search results27.9%
Affiliate links in review articles27.7%
Contextual advertisements in blogs, articles24.1%

In the Other category, the most common answer was “None at all”, but others included those offering prizes and those that don’t look like advertisements at all.

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