Many Japanese want to try out a Sony PS Vita


What portable gaming machine do you most want to try out? graph of japanese statisticsWhat Japan Thinks kicks off the New Year properly with a proper survey, this time from iShare, looking at portable gaming machines, a definition that stretches to include not just Nintendo-like devices, but also smartphones and tablets.


Between the 22nd and 26th of December 2011 714 members of the CLUB BBQ free email forwarding service who owned and were interested in portable gaming machines completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 57.0% of the sample were male, 30.0% in their twenties, 49.9% in their thirties, and 20.2% in their forties.

My gaming device is my Android smartphone (Panasonic P-01D), and the only two games I have on it at the moment are Andoku (sudoku) and Nethack. I should really download Angry Birds (I’m still to play it on any device!), I suppose, but as I’m trying to keep my data charges down I don’t want to have adverts being fetched from the internet as I play!

Research results

Q1: What portable gaming machines do you currently have? (Sample size=714, multiple answer)

Nintendo DS83.5%78.1%90.6%
Sony PSP48.9%52.8%43.6%
Nintendo DS Lite39.8%39.6%40.1%
Android smartphone20.3%25.3%13.7%
Nintendo DSi18.9%19.2%18.6%
Nintendo 3DS16.4%17.7%14.7%
Nintendo DSi LL6.2%5.9%6.5%
Sony PS Vita5.0%6.1%3.6%
Android tablet3.6%4.9%2.0%

Q2: What portable gaming machine are you most interested in? (Sample size=714)

Sony PS Vita39.8%46.4%30.9%
Nintendo 3DS20.2%17.4%23.8%
Sony PSP7.4%7.1%7.8%
Android smartphone5.7%4.4%7.5%
Nintendo DS3.9%2.9%5.2%
Nintendo DS Lite3.4%2.9%3.9%
Android tablet1.4%2.0%0.7%
Nintendo DSi LL1.3%0.5%2.3%
Nintendo DSi0.7%0.7%0.7%

When asked why they were interested in the particular device, for the PS Vita popular answers were because it’s the latest leading-edge multi-function device, new functions such as the rear touch-panel and online games, it’s a follow-on to a device I love, and I’m a Sony fan. For the Nintendo 3DS, popular answers were interest in 3D and that it has games I want to play.

Q3: What portable gaming machine do you most want to try out? (Sample size=714)

Sony PS Vita49.3%56.5%39.7%
Nintendo 3DS18.8%16.2%22.1%
Android smartphone3.8%2.7%5.2%
Android tablet3.4%3.4%3.3%
Sony PSP3.2%2.7%3.9%
Nintendo DSi1.5%2.0%1.0%
Nintendo DSi LL1.3%0.7%2.0%
Nintendo DS Lite0.4%0.5%0.3%
Nintendo DS0.0%0.0%0.0%

Q4: How do you want to spend your New Year holiday this year? (Sample size=714, multiple answer)

Watching television67.8%63.4%73.6%
Surfing the internet65.5%66.1%64.8%
Playing computer games45.0%47.7%41.4%
Visiting a shrine, temple40.3%34.2%48.5%
Going to the cinema30.4%29.0%32.2%
Hanging out with friends21.1%20.6%21.8%
Domestic travel10.1%10.6%9.4%
Visiting leisure facilities7.6%7.6%7.5%
Doing sports5.3%6.6%3.6%
Foreign travel2.9%3.4%2.3%
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  1. Steven said,
    January 5, 2012 @ 16:16

    I’ve heard people talking about the portable gaming industry in America being in trouble due to smartphones/tablets. While I am surprised that smartphones/tablets have nearly 1/5 of the cake on Japan’s most wanted list according to your survey, I do talk to a lot of younger people who are getting things like i-pod touches. I’m not sure the 3DS was as big of a success as Nintendo had hoped (which might be indicated by the quick price drop). I think they may have shot themselves in the foot by releasing the DSLL right before the 3DS. All that being said, I’m surprised by the apparent popularity of the new PS Vita.

    • YoGa said,
      January 13, 2012 @ 03:40

      Obviously…these numbers are made up to create hype on PS Vita.
      In reality, traditional portable gaming systems are soon going to be obsoleted much quicker nowadays than it was in the past. Better save your money, don’t let corporate tactics dictate your money.

  2. Harrison said,
    January 13, 2012 @ 03:26


    Sony Agents are getting so desperate to make people think PS Vita is GODLY.

    Keep your hard earned money away from greedy corporates, like Sony.

    • YoGa said,
      January 13, 2012 @ 03:32

      Can’t agree more bro! Better safe than sorry……

      Save your money for something more useful than a ‘dedicated gaming’ system that’s trying to replace smartphones or multi-purpose tablets.

  3. Nero said,
    January 13, 2012 @ 23:14

    Harrison and Yoga are two dumb and paranoid individuals

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