Japanese men in the kitchen: part 2 of 2


I want people to praise my cooking graph of japanese statisticsMacromill Research recently took a look at the subject of men and cooking.


Between the 28th and 30th of October 2011 516 male members of the Macromill monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 25% of the sample were in their twenties, 25% in their thirties, 25% in their forties, and 25% in their fifties. In addition, 312 female members were also interviewed, also with 25% in each of the age brackets.

I actually got asked to do the cooking on Sunday evening as my wife had a sore hand, but she decided to soldier on and all I ended up doing was peeling the spuds and a turnip…

Research results

Q9: Which of the following cooking-related issues apply to you? (Sample size=516)

I carefully clean up after I finish cooking

Very much27.0%
To some degree29.8%
Not really22.8%
Not at all10.5%

I cook because I am aware of economising

Very much13.8%
To some degree39.3%
Not really35.0%
Not at all12.0%

I want people to praise my cooking

Very much11.8%
To some degree36.3%
Not really37.0%
Not at all15.0%

I’m fussy about how I cook

Very much8.5%
To some degree34.0%
Not really41.5%
Not at all16.0%

I’m fussy about nutritional balance

Very much5.0%
To some degree33.8%
Not really43.5%
Not at all17.8%

I like to show people hospitality by cooking

Very much8.8%
To some degree29.3%
Not really41.3%
Not at all20.8%

I’m fussy about the ingredients

Very much8.8%
To some degree26.5%
Not really45.8%
Not at all19.0%

I cook according to the amounts of flavourings and ingredients in the recipe

Very much8.0%
To some degree25.3%
Not really47.8%
Not at all19.0%

I’m fussy about the presentation of the cooked food

Very much6.5%
To some degree24.5%
Not really47.8%
Not at all21.3%

I’m fussy about cooking implements

Very much3.5%
To some degree11.5%
Not really52.3%
Not at all32.8%

Q10: How much do you think it is desirable that women cook? (Sample size=516)

Very desirable60.1%
Somewhat desirable34.1%
Not too bothered if they can’t2.1%
Not bothered at all if they can’t3.7%

Older men were more keen on women cooking.

Q11: What do you think about men who can cook? (Sample size=312, women)

It’s a good thing87.2%
It’s not a good thing1.9%
It’s only natural3.8%
Don’t think anything about it7.1%

Q12: Do you want to cook for your partner, spouse? (Sample size=516)

When she has a cold, other issues41.7%
For a special occasion23.6%
Regularly, everyday20.5%
Other time2.1%
Don’t want to cook for them12.0%

Q13A: How do (would) you feel when your partner, spouse cooks for you? (Sample size=516)

Really happy69.2%
Quite happy27.5%
Not really happy2.1%
Not happy at all1.2%

Q13B: How do (would) you feel when your partner, spouse cooks for you? (Sample size=312, women)

Really happy70.2%
Quite happy25.0%
Not really happy3.8%
Not happy at all1.0%

Q14: How skilled a cook are you and your spouse? (Sample size=259, married men)


Q15: How smoothly do you and your spouse get on? (Sample size=259, married men)

Somewhat smoothly46.3%
Not really very smoothly6.6%
Not smoothly at all4.6%

Those with skilled cooks as wives thought they got on better, as did those who rated themselves as good cooks. Indeed, if both were skilled 58.6% said they got on well, whereas for those both poor or useless just 26.0% said they got on smoothly.

Q16: What would you want your partner, spouse to cook for you? (Sample size=312, women, multiple answer, top ten)

1Cha-han (Chinese stir-fry rice)54.8%
5Hot pot40.4%
6Yakisoba (fried noodles)29.8%
8Gyoza (pot-stickers)26.6%
9Vegetable stir-fry25.6%
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