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How do you feel about people pestering you for a Christmas present? graph of japanese statisticsChristmas is coming, and goo Research were first to get in on the act with their look at Christmas.


Between the 20th and 25th of October 2011, 503 members of the goo Research monitor group residing within Tokyo city or the three surrounding prefectures of Chiba, Saitama or Kanagawa completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 50.9% of the sample were female, 33.8% in their twenties, 33.2% in their thirties, and 33.0% in their forties.

I hate all the Christmas present nonsense myself. I send my parents our company’s calendar every year, which is always a nice and easy purchase to make, then I agonise over what to get the wife, and it usually ends up as some cuddly toys.

Note that Christmas in Japan usually means Christmas Eve, and indeed that is how it should be read in the questions below.

Research results

Q1: Do you think that this year you are spending more time with the family than previously? (Sample size=503)

Very much so29.8%
Somewhat so42.5%
Not really so23.5%
Not at all4.2%

A breakdown by sex and age was presented, but there was not really any particular trend.

Q2: Do you think that this year you want to spend Christmas or the New Year at home with your family? (Sample size=503)

Very much so33.8%
Somewhat so44.1%
Not really so15.7%
Not at all6.4%

The older age groups, and women more than men, were more keen on spending Christmas and New Year with their families.

Q3: Where do you think you will spend this Christmas? (Sample size=503)

At home80.1%
At partner’s, friend’s home5.2%
Somewhere with lovely illuminations2.4%
Posh hotel0.8%
Restaurant, bar4.4%
Hot springs inn0.8%
Theme park1.0%
Christmas event, party2.4%
Concert, dinner show, theatre2.4%

Only about two-thirds of men and women in their twenties were planning on staying in. About 9% of women in their twenties were planning to be round at a friend’s or boyfriend’s house, and another 9% out for a meal or drinks.

Q4: How do you feel about people pestering you for a Christmas present? (Sample size=503)

Love it8.7%
Like it44.5%
Don’t feel anything29.0%
Dislike it13.7%
Hate it3.8%

Men liked getting pestered the older they got, but conversely older women disliked it more.

Q5: Do you worry about, have problems choosing what to send as a Christmas present? (Sample size=503)

Very much so22.1%
Somewhat so48.5%
Not really so22.5%
Not at all so7.0%

Almost a third of women in their twenties were very much bothered or troubled by present buying.

Q6: How have you been disappointed, had a problem with a Christmas present you received? (Sample size=503, multiple answer)

Didn’t suit my tastes53.1%
Not the right size16.9%
Stopped using it and it got in the way15.1%
Too expensive9.9%
Too cheap8.5%
No particular problems29.0%

Q7: What would you want your partner, spouse, friends to place importance on when choosing a Christmas present for you? (Sample size=503, multiple answer)

Can use in everyday situations71.4%
Won’t get bored with it42.3%
Useful for my education, growth10.5%
Good for health, beauty10.1%
Can put on display5.2%
In vogue3.6%

In particular, over four in five women in their twenties wanted some kind of useful present.

Q8: What sort of practical present do you think people would be glad to get a Christmas present? (Sample size=503, multiple answer)

IT, audio-visual item25.8%
Electrical appliance for health, beauty25.0%
Other electrical appliance18.3%
Bag, wallet16.7%

Women were about three times as likely to feel people would be happy to get underwear.

Q9: What sort of Christmas present that you wouldn’t buy yourself would you be happy to get? (Sample size=503, multiple answer)

Meal at a restaurant I normally wouldn’t go to23.1%
Night at a posh hotel19.5%
Electrical appliance for health, beauty17.1%
Bouquet of flowers16.9%

Women were around twice as keen or more to receieve each of the presents, and in particular 41.4% of women in their thirties wanted a ring.

Q10: What sort of Christmas present have you never received but want to get? (Sample size=503, multiple answer)

Night at a posh hotel23.7%
IT, audio-visual item20.7%
Wrist watch16.3%
Meal at a restaurant I normally wouldn’t go to9.6%
Electrical appliance for health, beauty13.3%

Q11: How would you feel if you got an electrical appliance for health, beauty as a Christmas present? (Sample size=503)

Would love it15.3%
Would like it56.3%
Would not feel anything11.7%
Would dislike it9.9%
Would hate it6.8%

Q12: What kinds of electrical appliance for health, beauty are you using at home? (Sample size=503, multiple answer)

Hair styling (drier, hair iron, curler, etc)61.6%
Shaver, grooming26.8%
Body fat, etc monitoring scales20.5%
Oral care (ultrasonic toothbrush, etc)14.1%
Hair remover11.5%
Alkaline water ioniser, other water purifier9.7%
Blood pressure monitor9.5%
Face care (steamer, ioniser, etc)8.9%
Facial skin care, massager8.7%
Body, foot care7.8%
Massage chair, cusion7.8%
Fitness equipment6.6%
Don’t have any electrical appliances for health, beauty17.7%
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