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Do you think your security measures are bulletproof? graph of japanese statisticsA recently-reported, but not recently-conducted survey conducted by DIMSDRIVE Research looked at computer security.


Between the 16th of September and the 7th of November 2010 7,937 members of the DIMSDRIVE penetration test and monitor group with a home computer completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 51.1% of the sample were male, 0.7% in their teens, 11.2% in their twenties, 31.9% in their thirties, 33.1% in their forties, 15.4% in their fifties, and 7.7% aged sixty or older.

My main security software is Microsoft Security Essentials, which does the business. On my desktop PC running Vista, the daily updates then scans really bog the machine down for 30 minutes, despite setting it to only use 30% or less of the system resources. I used to run Avast!, again free, but it prompts once a year for a free license update, but last year I just couldn’t get the message to go away. It’s quite sad that most people get stuck with commercial packages that they don’t really rate very highly just because it comes bundled on the computer.

Research results

Q1: How many computers do you have at home? (Sample size=7,937)


Q2: Are security measures taken on your main home computer? (Sample size=7,937)

Yes, myself69.1%84.1%53.5%
Yes, someone else17.0%5.2%29.3%
Don’t know3.9%1.6%6.3%

Q3: Do you think these security measures are bulletproof? (Sample size=7,937)

To some extent55.2%
Can’t say23.9%
Not really8.2%
Not at all4.1%

Q4: What concrete security measures do you carry out or take care about? (Sample size=6,836, those taking security measures from Q2, multiple answer)

Use security software (to SQ1 and SQ2)88.4%92.4%84.0%
Don’t visit dodgy sites45.5%40.2%51.5%
Keep OS up to date42.8%53.6%30.6%
Don’t use file-sharing software40.3%45.4%34.4%
Don’t open spam email37.0%35.4%38.8%
Don’t open email attachments20.4%22.5%18.1%
Careful with how I use personal information20.4%22.5%18.1%
Use password on computer itself17.0%19.4%14.2%
Avoid giving credit card information16.5%18.4%14.4%
Don’t use the same password on each web site11.8%12.5%11.1%
Password-protect important data11.6%12.9%10.2%
Avoid saving cookies8.4%9.4%7.3%
Don’t save username, password (to paper, disk, etc)8.3%8.2%8.4%
Don’t really know3.2%1.2%5.4%

Q4SQ1: What is the main security software package that you use? (Sample size=6,046)

VirusBuster (Trend Micro)26.6%
Norton (Symantec)19.5%
Virus Security Zero (Source Next)12.8%
McAfee (McAfee)10.0%
Kingsoft Internet Security (Kingsoft)4.8%
ESET Security Software (Canon System Solutions)2.6%
Security Essentials (Microsoft)2.4%
Kaspersky Internet Security (Just Systems)1.5%
Virus Killer (eFrontier)0.3%
Virus Barrier (Act 2)0.3%
G-Data (Jungle)0.1%
i-Filter (Digital Arts)0.1%
Don’t really know6.7%

Cross-referencing virus software versus bulletproofness from Q3, Virus Buster users had the highest degree of bias towards high ratings of bulletproofness. On the other hand, McAfee was not looked on too well, and Kingsoft Internet Security seems to be very poorly rated.

Q4SQ2: Why did you choose that security software package? (Sample size=6,046, multiple answer)

Well-known software18.3%
Family, friends recommended it17.1%
Came pre-installed on computer16.2%
Well-rated on the grapevine11.2%
Seemed to be the best available11.2%
Has free updates10.3%
Shop recommended it when I bought computer7.3%
Easy to update7.3%
Came as a multi-license pack6.5%
Had a free trial period5.3%
Seemed easy to understand4.5%
Same software as used at work, school3.7%
Nothing in particular5.3%

The most popular reasons for choosing each of the top five packages were as follows. 29.0% chose VirusBuster for it being a well-known name, as did 27.8% of the Norton users. 46.1% went for Virus Security Zero because updates were free, 40.2% had McAfee because it came preinstalled on their computer, and 75.7% went for Knigsoft Internet Security because it was free.

The next question were for those from Q4 who did not use a security software package.

Q4SQ3: Why do you not use a security software package? (Sample size=790, multiple answer)

Makes the computer sluggish25.3%
Don’t really know how to use them19.6%
Subscription ran out and just using an out of date version16.2%
Not had a problem yet15.9%
Just don’t know about security software9.7%
Don’t know how to update it9.5%
Security software is not to be relied on9.5%
Don’t really understand the purpose of it8.6%
Don’t know the best place to obtain it6.1%
Don’t worry about being exposed to danger2.7%

Q5: Which of the following do you usually do on the internet? (Sample size=7,937, multiple answer)

View movies76.6%
Music download30.6%
Online game24.0%
Web site management11.6%

Q6: Which of the following have you been harmed by? (Sample size=7,937, multiple answer)

Unsolicited email72.6%
Fake invoice email24.5%
Forced to connect to an adult site10.3%
System got unstable due to virus infection10.3%
System destroyed due to virus infection3.8%
One-click fraud3.8%
Personal information leaked3.4%
Data got destroyed due to virus infection3.0%
Auction fraud2.5%
Computer lost power due to virus infection2.4%
Phishing fraud0.8%
Data leaked onto internet due to file-sharing software virus infection0.7%
None of the above21.2%
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