It seems that just about every other Japanese film coming out these days is based on a cartoon or comic, so it seems a good time to have a look with goo Ranking at how people rate the best live-action movie adaptations of manga and anime.


Over the 22nd and 23rd of July 2011 1,114 members of the goo Research online monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 65.4% of the sample were female, 12.3% in their teens, 16.5% in their twenties, 28.6% in their thirties, 24.8% in their forties, 10.1% in their fifties, and 7.7% aged sixty or older. Note that the score in the results refers to the relative number of votes for each option, not a percentage of the total sample.

I’ve not seen any of the movies, and I’m not really sure how the list was created – Nodame Cantibile, for instance, seemed quite a popular real-life realisation of the comic, but it doesn’t feature in the list. On the other hand, I am not in the least suprised to see that My Darling is a Foriegner features nowhere on the list.

This coming weekend I have a preview ticket for Tsure ga Utsu ni Narimashite, which I would translate as When My Hubby Became Depressed, a film of the TV series of the manga comic. Let’s have the trailer for that:

Ranking result

Q: What do you think were good live-action movie adaptations of manga and anime? (Sample size=1,114)

Rank   Score
1 Death Note 100
2 Umizaru 89.0
3 Rookies -Graduation- 50.2
4 Nana 40.0
5 Gegege no Kitaro 30.6
6 Kaiji Jinsei Gyakuten Game 30.4
7 Gantz 29.7
8 Ping-Pong 28.7
9 Yatterman 27.8
10 Dororo 26.6
11 Detroit Metal City 24.9
12= Touch 22.7
12= Honey and Clover 22.7
14 Ashita no Joe 21.5
15 Kimi ni Todoke 20.6
16 Azumi 17.9
17 Satorare Tribute to a Sad Genius 17.2
18 20th Century Boys 14.4
19 Cutie Honey 14.1
20 Paradise Kiss 12.4
21 Beck 9.1
22 Kamue Gaiden 8.9
23 Love ★ Kon 8.4
24 Soranin 7.7
25 Saru Rock the Movie 6.2
26 Space Battleship Yamato 5.0
27= Prince of Tennis 4.5
27= Happily Ever After (Jigyaku no Uta) 4.5
27= High School Debut 4.5
30 Dragonhead 4.3
31= Casshern 2.9
31= Otakus in Love (Koi no Mon) 2.9
33= Cromartie High School THE☆MOVIE 2.4
33= Dragonball Evolution 2.4
35 Jigoku Koshien 1.9
36 The Neighbor No. Thirteen (Rinjin No 13) 1.7
37= Sakigake!! Otokojuku Be a Man! Samurai School 1.4
37= Boys on the Run 1.4

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