Which e-money style would you like to use in the future? graph of japanese statisticsA recent survey from goo Research into electronic money used a rather narrow demographic of young male salarymen to produce its results.


Between the 26th and 28th of July 2011 1,006 male members of the goo Reseach monitor group who lived in the Tokyo metropolitan area and were in full-time employment and had credit cards completed a private internet-based questionnaire. The sample was 100% male, with 25.1% aged between 30 and 34, 25.1% between 35 and 39, 25.0% between 40 and 44, and 24.8% between 45 and 49 years old.

My main credit card also works for electronic cash and my train ticket in postpay mode. I’m also very aware of gathering points, as at Hankyu group shops they print out your current point totals on the card when you shop. For my other credit cards, points are only printed on the monthly statements, so I tend to ignore them.

Just as a note, prepay systems are where you fill up your card with cash (some systems automatically debit your credit card) then spend the balance sitting in the card. Postpay systems are more like ordinary credit cards; there is no cash in your card, and at the end of the month you get a statement summarising all your transactions. I’m a postpay fan myself.

Research results

Q1: When using your credit card for shopping, are you aware of gathering points, miles, etc? (Sample size=1,006)

  All Thirties
Aware of gathering points 76.2% 80.4% 72.0%
Not really aware 21.0% 16.6% 25.4%
Not aware at all 2.8% 3.0% 2.6%

Q2: In the future when using your credit card for shopping, do you want to be aware of gathering points, miles, etc? (Sample size=1,006)

  All Thirties
Want to be aware of gathering points 79.6% 83.0% 76.2%
Don’t plan to be really aware 18.8% 15.2% 22.4%
Don’t plan to be aware at all 1.6% 1.8% 1.4%

Q3: What are the good points about electronic money? (Sample size=1,006, multiple answer)

Don’t have pocketfuls of change, no worries about mistakes in change 62.5%
Can pay quickly, simply, easily 53.9%
Can save points, miles, get special discounts, etc 48.1%
Can pay by mobile phone 39.7%
Can shop easily at my usual shops 33.0%
No worries about carrying cash, can use tricks to manage my money 28.8%
Can carry fewer cards 11.9%
It’s just smart and cool to shop the trendy way 4.5%
Other 0.5%
Don’t really feel any particular merits 7.6%

Note that Q4 should have been the current version of Q5 below, but they published a different set of results, which I’ve had to guess a question text for.

Q4: When shopping online, other than by credit card, how do you settle the bill? (Sample size=online shoppers, multiple answer)

Prepay electronic money 59.2%
Online bank transfer 30.7%
Cash card, debit card 18.7%
Settlement at convenience store 11.9%
Postpay electronic money 15.2%
Online electronic money 8.8%
Settlement through service provider 4.3%

Q5: In the future, when paying with electronic money, which would you like to use? (Sample size=1,006)

Postpay 27.0%
Can’t say 27.7%
Prepay 45.2%

Q6: What do you think are the good points about postpay electronic case? (Sample size=272, postpay users, multiple answer)

Don’t need to fill up with cash before 77.2%
Can get points, miles, other bonuses 55.9%
Can pay at the end of the month all in one go 54.8%
After usage the balance gets settled from my bank account 52.6%
Don’t need to sign when paying 40.4%
Other 0.7%

Q7: What are the important points if you were to, when you did select a postpay electronic money service? (Sample size=1,006, multiple answer)

Lots of places to use it 70.8%
Can easily use 33.6%
Can pay using mobile phone 27.0%
Can use at online shops 24.8%
Strength of the brand of the card issuer 15.0%
Can spend just a small amount each time 14.6%
Lots of card holders, members 10.7%
Quick to get started with the service 6.5%
Can spend a large amount each time 5.0%
Can easily donate points, cash to charity 2.2%
Other 3.0%

Q8: How satisfied are you with your smartphone’s support for electronic money payment systems? (Sample size=140, IC card-equipped smartphone users)

  All NTT docomo
au by KDDI
Satisfied 60.0% 66.2% 60.0% 48.6%
Not particularly satisfied 40.0% 33.8% 40.0% 51.4%


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