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Which is your main device for sending and receiving personal email? graph of japanese statisticsThe previously-reported on regular goo Research survey into computer use by mobile phone users (the last one I translated was the 26th) has now become the first regular mobile phone users’ mail use survey. As usual, did the reporting.


Between the 4th and 6th of July 2011 1,081 members of the computer-based (or perhaps they might have signed up via a smartphone browser?) goo Research monitor group who had also registered as mobile phone monitors completed a mobile phone-based (including smartphone) questionnaire. 58.1% of the sample were female, 2.8% in their teens, 24.4% in their twenties, 37.0% in their thirties, 25.7% in their forties, and 10.1% aged fifty or older.

I suppose if I think about it I actually send more email (on a message count basis) from my mobile phone than from my computer, as I send a bare minimum of three mobile phone emails to my wife per day. Home PC-based mail is much less, as I either use social media for communication or just don’t bother… Yes Mum, I’ll get round to an email soon…

Research results

Q1: Which is your main device for sending and receiving personal email, a computer or a mobile phone? (Sample size=1,081)

Mobile phone, smartphone (to SQ)50.0%
Can’t say either way15.2%
Don’t have a computer1.7%

The 358 people who mainly used a computer for email were asked why they did so. The full results were not reported, but the top three answers were that 78.2% were more used to writing email on computers, 44.4% found it easy to use, and another 44.4% didn’t need to worry about running up data packet charges.

Q1SQ: Why do you use a mobile phone as your main email device? (Sample size=467, multiple answer)

Always to hand89.1%
Easy to use74.3%
The email address of people I often communicate with is recorded on mobile phone only48.2%
More used to writing email on mobile phone12.8%
No good with computers0.7%
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