One in five Japanese workers are telecommute-ready


Is a telecommuting environment necessary? graph of japanese statisticsWith the earthquake having knocked out a lot of power generation in the Tokyo area, one of the methods being mooted for saving electricity is to increase telecommuting, the topic of a recent survey by iShare.


Between the 8th and 11th of April 2011 670 members of the CLUB BBQ free email forwarding service completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 60.6% of the sample were male, 2.4% were in their twenties, 46.7% in their thirties, and 50.9% in their forties. All of the sample were employed and worked outside the home.

At work we have a telecommute environment complete with a quite frankly horrendous email client and a remote meeting application that I’ve never used. However, this environment can only be accessed via work notebook computers, but even though we have a draconian set of information security rules I think almost everyone else in the office works around them; I try to avoid working at home, so put no effort into making an easier environment for myself.

Regarding telecommuting and saving power – my employer too will be promoting it this summer, despite being outside the affected areas, and of course everyone in the office noticed that the additional load from a home air conditioner is more than that saved by one less body in the office and one less body in the trains. We’re forbidden from working in a coffee shop, so we can’t even borrow someone else’s cool air for work…

Research results

Q1: Even if connection has become difficult since the earthquake, do you have an environment where you can work at home by connecting to work email or conducting online meetings from a computer at your home, etc? (Sample size=670)


Q2A: Do you think it is necessary to have an environment where you can work from home? (Sample size=670)

Not absolutely necessary69.4%66.7%73.5%
Not needed at all18.4%21.9%12.9%

Q2B: Do you think it is necessary to have an environment where you can work from home? (Sample size=670)

Not telecommute-ready
Not absolutely necessary69.4%69.7%69.3%
Not needed at all18.4%2.8%22.5%
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