How do you use video sharing services? graph of japanese statisticsThe results from this recent survey from goo Research and reported on by into online services may not be too reliable for SNS as number two and number three in the list, GREE and Mobage Town, are both mobile phone-based social gaming sites and I feel that the demographic they appeal to differs significantly from the more PC-oriented goo monitor group. I have no data to back up this, so take it with an appropriately-sized pinch of salt.


Over the 25th and 26th of January 2010 1,102 members of the goo Research online monitor panel completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 52.8% of the sample were male, 16.5% in their teens, 18.5% in their twenties, 20.9% in their thirties, 15.9% in their forties, 15.6% in their fifties and 12.6% aged sixty or older.

I’m on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even have uploaded a couple of videos to YouTube.

Research results

Q1: Which of the following SNS are you a member of? (Sample size=1,102, multiple answer)

mixi 33.3%
GREE 15.7%
Mobage Town 14.5%
Facebook 8.3%
MySpace 3.0%
LinkedIn 0.9%
Other 2.0%
None of them 46.1%
Don’t know what an SNS is 8.1%

Q2: Which of the following blogging services do you blog on? (Sample size=1,102, multiple answer)

Twitter 16.3%
Ameba Blog 13.2%
goo blog 3.6%
Kokolog 1.5%
Blogger 1.3%
Hatena Diary 1.2%
excite blog 0.8%
Other 11.0%
None of the above 63.2%
Don’t know what a blog is 1.7%

Q3: How do you use video sharing services? (Sample size=1,102)

Watch content only 71.5%
Upload only 0.4%
Both upload and watch other content 8.6%
Never watched 14.9%
Don’t know what a video sharing service is 4.6%


Warwick · February 12, 2011 at 19:19

According to this New York Times article last month – – in terms of total users Gree has nearly 22.5 million, Mobage-town nearly 21.7 million, and Mixi more than 21.6 million. So, there’s not really that much in it, but Mixi has been overtaken.

    Ken Y-N · February 16, 2011 at 00:56

    Hi Warwick, thanks for that data! I knew it was out there somewhere.

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