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About how many packs of cigarettes did you stock up? graph of japanese statisticsThe latest company to jump into the fray by covering the tobacco tax hike and quitting smoking were DIMSDRIVE Research.


Between the 6th and 21st of October 2010 5,170 members of the DIMSDRIVE monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 58.0% of the sample were female, 14.2% in their twenties, 36.8% in their thirties, 33.8% in their forties, 13.3% in their fifties, and 1.9% aged sixty or older.

In Q2SQ2, how much cheaper a pack people switched to, the average was over 100 yen a pack; given the tax rise was about 100 yen, they cancel themselves out, but as far as I am aware almost brands are within 40 or 50 yen of each other, so I don’t really know how people managed to save over 100 yen, unless they were talking about per case of 200 or some other bulk-buying.

At two of my favourite restaurants the number of smokers has dropped to either none or just one group recently, although I don’t know how much that has to do with the rise in duty.

Research results

Q1: Have you ever smoked? (Sample size=5,170)

No, never62.0%
Used to smoke, but gave up not because of the price rise11.7%
Quit, cut down before the price rise on account of the price rise (to SQ1)3.7%
Quit, cut down after the price rise on account of the price rise (to SQ1)4.2%
Plan to quit, cut down (to SQ1)10.2%
Don’t plan to quit, cut down8.2%

Q1SQ1: Will you quit or cut down smoking? (Sample size=935)

 Started by 9/30Started from 10/1Plan to start
Have, will quit (to SQ2)68.1%59.4%49.1%
Will cut down only31.9%40.6%50.9%

Q1SQ2: About how many cigarettes per day have you, do you plan to cut down by? (Sample size=417)

One or two7.4%
Three or four12.7%
Five to nine38.2%
Ten to fourteen34.5%
Fifteen to nineteen1.9%
Twenty or more5.3%

On average, people were going to cut down by 7.4 ciggies per day.

The next question is for those smokers who decided to or plan to quit because of the price rise, or who have no intention of quitting.

Q2: Did you stock up or switch to a cheaper brand because of the price rise? (Sample size=1,357, multiple answer)

Stocked up before the price rise (to SQ1)53.6%
Switched to a cheaper brand (to SQ2)3.5%
Didn’t do anything43.9%

Q2SQ1: About how many packs of cigarettes did you stock up? (Sample size=727)

Up to nine packs17.3%
Ten to nineteen packs15.7%
Twenty to twenty-nine packs10.6%
Thirty to thirty-nine packs13.8%
Forty to forty-nine packs5.6%
Fifty to ninety-nine packs16.0%
100 to 199 packs13.1%
200 or more packs7.4%
Don’t know0.6%

The average was 72.8 packs, which is most likely the arithmetic mean; the median value would be between 30 and 39 packs.

Q2SQ2: How much cheaper a brand did you switch to? (Sample size=47)

50 yen or less cheaper23.4%
51 to 100 yen cheaper17.0%
101 to 150 yen cheaper23.4%
151 yen or more cheaper19.1%
Don’t know17.0%

The mean price difference was 109.7 yen.

The next question was for those who currently or used to smoke.

Q3: Have you ever attended a smoking cessation out-patients clinic? (Sample size=1,962)

Currently attending or have attended3.3%
Not attended, but rather interested7.4%
Not attended, but a little interested21.8%
Not attended and not interested67.5%

The final question was for those who didn’t plan to quit or cut down. Last year the question was asked to all smokers, so one cannot really make a direct comparison.

Q4: At what price per pack would you completely quit smoking? (Sample sizes=422 and 2,660)

 This time
Last time
Under 500 yen1.9%12.3%
500 yen15.9%34.8%
501 to 600 yen7.1%9.3%
601 to 700 yen1.9%??
701 to 999 yen31.3%22.3%
1,000 yen3.1%5.3%
1,001 to 1,500 yen2.4%
2,000 yen4.0%
Won’t quit however expensive30.1%10.8%
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