Here is my first “best of 2010” surveys, a look by iShare at internet slang in 2010. Not all the words are from 2010, in fact most of them are a bit older, but it is the awareness that is being investigated in this survey.


Between the 19th and 22nd of October 2010 665 members of the CLUB BBQ free email forwarding service completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 54.0% of the sample were male, 26.9% in their twenties, 35.0% in their thirties, and 38.0% in their forties.

That was a lot of fun to translate, and I learnt a bit tonight! If I have made a few mistakes along the way, please let me know.

Here’s a short animation of orz:

Research results

Q1: Have you ever visited 2 channel or a 2 channel summary site? (Sample size=665)

  All Male
Yes, frequently 24.8% 27.0% 22.2%
Yes, sometimes 47.1% 47.4% 46.7%
No, never 28.1% 25.6% 31.0%

Q2: Have you ever used mixi or other Social Networking Services? (Sample size=665)

  All Male
Yes, frequently 23.9% 20.3% 28.1%
Yes, sometimes 31.4% 30.6% 32.4%
No, never 44.7% 49.0% 39.5%

Q3A: Do you know the meaning of any of the internet slang in Q3SQ below? (Sample size=665)

  All Male
Yes (to SQ) 82.9% 84.4% 81.0%
No 17.1% 15.6% 19.0%

Q3B: Do you know the meaning of any of the internet slang in Q3SQ below? (Sample size=665)

  2ch often
2ch sometimes
2ch never
Yes (to SQ) 98.8% 90.4% 56.1%
No 1.2% 9.6% 43.9%

Q3C: Do you know the meaning of any of the internet slang in Q3SQ below? (Sample size=665)

  mixi often
mixi sometimes
mixi never
Yes (to SQ) 93.1% 84.2% 76.4%
No 6.9% 15.8% 23.6%

Q3SQ: Which of the following internet slang do you know the meaning of? (Sample size=665)

Slang Meaning All Male
ぐぐる Guguru, to Google 92.2% 90.4% 94.4%
orz Disappointed 81.7% 79.9% 83.9%
DQN A person with a stupid name 73.1% 76.6% 69.0%
ワロス Warosu, to laugh 71.5% 72.9% 69.8%
痛車 Itasha, a painful car 65.9% 72.3% 58.1%
厨 Chuu, a suffix added to indicate a childish utterance, etc 63.0% 65.0% 60.5%
ノシ Noshi, waving 62.8% 60.4% 65.7%
リア充 Rea-juu, someone who has got a life 60.6% 69.0% 50.4%
JK Joushikiteki ni Kangaeru, commonsense way of thinking 60.6% 69.0% 50.4%
kwsk KuWaShiKu, detailed 58.3% 60.1% 56.0%
wktk Waku-waku teka-teka, being flushed with excited anticipation 56.3% 55.8% 56.9%
希ガス Kigasu(ru), suspicious 53.0% 57.4% 47.6%
自宅警備員 Jitaku Keibiin, home guard or hikikomori 52.5% 57.1% 46.8%
スイーツ(笑) Sweets (laugh), often sarcastic label added to female-oriented sweets, designs, etc 49.4% 48.8% 50.0%
今北産業 Ima kita sangyou, I’ve just come so give me a three-line summary of what’s going on 47.5% 50.2% 44.4%
情弱 Short for jouhou jakusha, someone on the wrong side of the digital divide 46.8% 54.8% 37.1%
ggrks lmgtfy 46.3% 48.8% 43.1%
メシウマ状態 Meshi uma joutai, Schadenfreude 44.8% 48.2% 40.7%
ディスる Disuru, to diss 41.7% 43.2% 39.9%
ksk KaSoKu, literally accelaration, particularly of a fast-flowing comment thread 28.3% 31.4% 24.6%


Brandon · November 28, 2010 at 13:07

Some suggested corrections:

DQN A person makes stupid actions. Silly person without decent educational background.
ワロス Funny
痛車 A Car with stupid mod or paint usually with anime characters
リア充 Someone whose real life is good
希ガス I believe…
スイーツ(笑)Women living superficial lives
情弱 Someone without decent information
メシウマ状態 The situation that your opponent or someone you don’t like is struggling

Michael A. Robson · November 29, 2010 at 14:51

ha, very cool.. thanks for the tip.

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