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Women, do you cut, pluck, etc your excess body hair? graph of japanese statisticsA recent survey from DIMSDRIVE Research took a look at women’s excess body hair, and found hairy armpits the biggest concern for them, and ordinary manual shaving the most popular way of getting rid of it.


Between the 9th and 24th of June 2010 8,334 members of the DIMSDRIVE monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 52.1% of the sample were male, 0.7% in their teens, 11.0% in their twenties, 31.4% in their thirties, 31.6% in their forties, 16.9% in their fifties, and 8.4% aged sixty or older. Furthermore, 63.2% were married, and of the remaining 3,065, 28.7% had a partner, 63.4% did not, and 7.9% just didn’t want to say.

I don’t think my wife gets too bothered by excess hair; by that I mean that she doesn’t have much in the first place. She’s forever shaving her eyebrows, but that’s for beauty reasons so she can draw them back on with a pencil.

Research results

Q1: How much attention do you pay to your own excess body hair? (Sample size=3,992, female)

Quite a bit32.4%
A little38.7%
Not very much27.1%
None at all1.8%

Not surprisingly, younger women were more concerned – 89.1% of those in their twenties versus just 17.7% were bothered versus just 17.7% of those aged sixty or older.

Q2: Do you cut, pluck, etc your excess body hair? (Sample size=3,992, female)

Yes (to SQs)67.2%
Have had permanent treatment done, so don’t need to now5.7%
Just not needed (little excess hair)7.5%

Married women were least likely to trim their excess hair, just three percentage points behind partnerless singles; about 10 percentage point more of those with boyfriends kept their hair under control.

Q2SQ1: In what seasons do you keep which excess hair under control? (Sample size=2,684, multiple answer)

 SpringSummerAutumn, winter
Around the mouth64.2%63.9%63.2%
Lower leg59.6%73.5%46.2%
Around the face59.4%59.4%58.6%
Nose hair38.2%38.4%38.0%
Lower arm37.3%49.0%25.9%
Hands, fingers33.0%37.1%30.3%
Upper arms22.7%36.9%14.8%
Feet, toes21.8%28.5%17.7%
Bikini line21.3%30.0%19.9%
Delicate zone14.7%19.3%13.8%
Back of neck8.7%10.5%8.0%
Shoulders, back4.4%8.5%3.2%
Other location1.2%1.4%1.2%
Nowhere during that season1.9%0.0%3.7%

Manual shaving was the most popular method for everywhere except the nose, with scissors being the most popular. And since I guess you’re all wanting to know, about 85% used a razor for tidying up downstairs, with plucking (waxing?) being the second most popular method.

Q2SQ2: What are the basic features you look for when selecting excess body hair management goods? (Sample size=2,684, multiple answer)

Easy to use56.6%
Little, no pain36.1%
Beautiful finish33.%
Care method (bleaching, removal, etc)30.2%
Hair doesn’t quickly grow back12.9%
Design, shape7.4%
No smell6.0%
Word of mouth4.0%
Difficult to dry out3.0%
Immediate acting2.5%
Skin whitening, moisturising effect included1.8%
Cream type1.6%
Foam type1.6%
In vogue1.2%
Includes soy isoflavone0.9%
Spray type0.6%
Liquid type0.5%
Don’t use, buy care goods5.3%
Nothing in particular11.1%

Q2SQ3: What problems have you had with excess body hair management? (Sample size=2,684, multiple answer)

Grew back quickly74.4%
Couldn’t manage it tidily38.8%
After management still had a prickly feeling38.0%
Got ingrowing hair34.6%
After management pores got all bumpy31.1%
Are places that I just cannot reach myself30.3%
Cut myself shaving26.3%
Skin got dried out, rough afterwards26.0%
Skin got itchy afterwards19.7%
Places got dark afterwards18.6%
Hair got gradually thicker17.5%
Takes time to manage14.4%
Pores widened11.5%
It hurt11.2%
No particular problems9.7%

Q2SQ4: At what times do you get bothered by your excess body hair? (Sample size=2,684, multiple answer)

When wearing thin clothes60.7%
When wearing something sleeveless59.2%
When wearing clothes that show some leg54.1%
When wearing a swimsuit41.5%
When holding onto the overhead strap on trains, busses38.9%
At the onsen37.7%
At the swimming pool, gym33.5%
When I see someone else’s excess body hair32.0%
When wearing stockings28.8%
When having sex27.6%
When my skin is touched26.5%
When getting changed in front of people, otherwise having to expose skin26.2%
When a man is close24.9%
When wearing clothes that expose my back16.4%
When kissing14.2%
When I have my hair up11.7%
When linking arms10.7%
No particular times3.2%

Q3: Are you bothered by excess female body hair? (Sample size=4,342, male)

Often (to SQ)16.0%
Sometimes (to SQ)38.7%
Almost never28.2%

Q3SQ: Excess female body hair in which locations bother you? (Sample size=2,373, multiple answer)

Lower leg36.7%
Nose hair32.3%
Around the mouth30.7%
Around the face25.3%
Upper arms22.7%
Bikini line16.5%
Shoulders, back15.2%
Lower arms14.5%
Hands, fingers14.5%
Delicate zone14.3%
Back of neck12.8%
Feet, toes10.4%
Other location0.7%

Q4: Have you ever removed excess body hair for the sake of the opposite sex? (Sample size=8,334)

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  3. Old Perv said,
    June 25, 2011 @ 03:24

    Wow … 40% of Japanese women have nose hair problems!!! The middle aged men of the world can rejoice, we are not alone in our secret shame.

    But please tell me specifically, what is a “Delicate zone”. Are we talking “VAGINA” here?

    But isn’t it VAGINAL hair that sprouts out of the “Bikini Line” too? I am confused … what could be more delicate?

    Are we talking LABIAL or perhaps even PERINEUM and ANAL hair? Let’s be honest, nothing could be more delicate than removing ANAL hair … plucked, waxed or shaved sir? Does CHEST include NIPPLE too?

    And what about ASSHAIR? Is the survey saying no Japanese women have any ASSHAIR at all?

    That’s just not true (and I don’t need a survey to tell me that).

    Excuse the capitals but I am trying to make a point here.

    Another one of those wonderful daft surveys that are written so politely no one has a clue what they mean.

    Boy, I am surprised. 60% of Japanese women have beards and 30% have hands like chimpanzees that need shave. Paints quite another picture of womanhood, does it?

    There is no need for me to let that guy at the barbers try and stick the hedge trimmer in my ears now. I am a now an officially liberated Naked and Hair Ape.

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