Would you want to buy Fairtrade products in the future? graph of japanese statisticsI can’t go anywhere in Europe or America without bumping into a Fairtrade product, usually coffee or tea, but as this recent survey from goo Research into Fairtrade found that even awareness of the system was pretty thin on the ground.


Between the 27th and 30th of August 2010 2,350 members of the goo Research monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. The sample was exactly 50:50 male and female, and similarly the age groups were evenly split with 20.0% in each of the age bands from twenties to the over-sixties.

I did reference Fairtrade once before, and I can remember somewhere seeing a Fairtrade logo on perhaps a chocolate product; certainly not a speciality brand nor a eco-brand, just a pretty normal mass-market product.

Research results

Q1: Do you know about “Fairtrade”? (Sample size=2,350)

Know about the details (to SQ1) 16.0%
Just heard the name 27.1%
Don’t know it at all 56.9%

By age for both sexes, younger people were more aware of the details, and although men in their twenties had higher awareness than women in their twenties, for all other age groups it was women who were more aware than men.

Q1SQ1: Have you ever bought Fairtrade products? (Sample size=377)

  All Male
Yes (to SQ2, SQ3 and SQ4) 48.8% 39.2% 57.5%
No (to SQ5) 51.2% 60.8% 42.8%

Q1SQ2: Where have you bought Fairtrade products? (Sample size=184, multiple answer)

Natural foods shop 29.9%
Internet 28.8%
Coffee shop, cafe 21.7%
Fairtrade shop 20.1%
Bric-a-brac shop 20.1%
Supermarket 17.4%
Department store 8.2%
Co-operative 4.3%
Event marketplace 3.3%
Convenience store 2.2%
Other 10.9%

Q1SQ3: What kinds of Fairtrade products have you bought? (Sample size=184, multiple answer)

Foodstuffs 88.0%
Accessories, bric-a-brac 26.6%
Clothes 21.2%
Bath, toilet products 8.7%
Other 2.7%

Q1SQ4: For what reasons did you buy Fairtrade products? (Sample size=184, multiple answer)

Because I liked the product itself 68.5%
Because I can contribute to international co-operation 55.4%
Because I can contribute to protecting the environment 26.1%
Because they are good quality 21.7%
Because they are cheap 6.0%
Because friends, family recommended them 4.3%
Other 3.3%

Q1SQ5: For what reasons have you not bought Fairtrade products? (Sample size=193, multiple answer)

Because there are no shops that sell Fairtrade products close at hand 54.9%
Because products I want to buy are not Fairtrade products 46.1%
Because I don’t know which are Fairtrade products 31.1%
Because I don’t know where I can buy Fairtrade products 30.6%
Because they are expensive 22.3%
Because I’m not interested in Fairtrade 6.2%
Because I don’t agree with the rationale behind Fairtrade 3.6%
Because I don’t like their designs 2.6%
Because I feel unsure about their product quality 1.0%
Other 0.5%

Q2: Would you want to buy Fairtrade products in the future? (Sample size=2,350)

Want to (to SQ) 7.8%
Perhaps want to (to SQ) 49.6%
Perhaps don’t want to 34.0%
Don’t want to 8.6%

Q2SQ: How much of a price difference from average prices would you be prepared to pay for Fairtrade products? (Sample size=1,349)

Over 30% more 9.0%
Up to 30% more 11.0%
Up to 20% more 25.0%
Up to 10% more 26.2%
About the same price 26.2%
Only if it were cheaper 2.7%

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